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08/07/05 06:25 - 71ºF - ID#33784

self defence II

I am definitely not saying protection is not necessary. But how people are exaggerating this situation is bothering me a lot. I heard of stories like, there are people living in the suburbs who have never ever came to downtown Buffalo as they believe it is dangerous here. They chose to “fence in” themselves into their small, tiny, "neighborhood watch" community to live their lives securely.

I have several examples from my own country (Turkey) where people do not let their daughters/girl friends/partners…etc. to go out at nights because they think something bad can happen. Families usually, literally, trap those young women in to their rooms and wait them find husbands. Then the same thing continues in the husband’s house, of course. So what happens, lots of insecure, mad, silent women go insane in their “highly secure” lives.

Indeed, something can happen -to any of us- any time, but it is not any safer to live with this paranoia, believing all “ others” are waiting out there to attack us on the walkway.

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08/06/05 02:38 - 80ºF - ID#33783

self defence

I googled the name of my performance and found this website

It is so scary to know there are some paranoiacs hanging around us. Guess my project is working fucking well. Maybe I should build more and sell my fence costume through that website.

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08/04/05 09:59 - 81ºF - ID#33782

Promo: Hydration

The weather forecast for this weekend: Hot. Muggy.

Sounds like you’re going to need HYDRATION.

This weekend a performer will be roaming the streets
of Allentown, dispensing cups filled with ice to
thirsty passers-by. The cups will direct participants
to a dwelling on Elmwood Avenue between Allen and
North Streets.

At this location, a machine that has been specially
engineered for HYDRATION will be hanging from the
second floor window to the sidewalk below. This
device will haul the cups up to the second floor
apartment where a second performer will fill them with
delicious, hydrating fluids. She will then use the
contraption to send the beverage back down to street
level, providing a refreshing pick-me-up for
Allentown’s pedestrians.

Saturday & Sunday, August 6 & 7
3:00pm – 5:00pm both days
Allentown neighborhood in Buffalo, NY

So take a stroll around Allentown this weekend and be
on the lookout for our ice-laden performer. Should
you collide with her you will be able to appreciate
the sensual experience of HYDRATION.

HYDRATION is a collaborative performance conceived and
executed by Julie Perini and Arzu Ozkal. This project
is being presented as a part of Buffalo’s Infringement

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08/04/05 08:11 - 86ºF - ID#33781

Robin COME BACK...

It wasn't nice to have a pink night without (e:robin) but I guess we need to get used to it for a while. Say hi to Kiah...
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08/04/05 11:03 - 82ºF - ID#33780

elmwood strip

I moved to my new apartment today. It was a real mess. I had to clean the place with tons of detergents and other stuff, and -although i wore plastic gloves- my hands hurt now. I cannot believe how dirty the previous tenants were. You wouldn't believe too if you did see the place.

Now everything is settled. Now, I am literally living on Elmwood Strip. (the end of the strip or is it the beginning of it?) Allen crossing Elmwood. Whatever. I am tired. So so tired.

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06/13/05 06:41 - ID#33779

Basic Sailing Language


If I have a boat crash, I'll be able to tell my name. How fantastic!

What happened to my dog made me think about my disappearance performance again. This guy called Bas Jan Ader did a performance once, called "In Search of the Miraculous." He got on his boat and never came back.

He once said "The sea, the land, the artist has with great sadness known they too will be no more."

What does it mean for me? "I am just too sad to tell you."

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06/12/05 11:59 - ID#33778

carrots were his favourite


My dad is trying to make him say something to me on the phone! Perhaps, he is just saying "leave me alone, I want to sleep!" but I hear it as a "hey Arzu I missed you too"...

Yeah, he wasn't the most well behaved dog in the world; he was especially bad to my boyfriends - even Orkan - ... He ate most of our shoes, all of my mom's lipsticks, whatever we accidentally left in our plates but after all when he laid down and opened his tummy, we always ended up patting him instead of punishing.

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06/12/05 11:01 - ID#33777

Goodbye my best friend...


He was the best friend a person could ever ask for... We knew each other since 1987... I still remember the day we brought him to our house; he was so tiny, so sweet, so black... I loved him so much. I can do anything now just to make him run towards me one more time with his ears jumping up and down.

I am so angry to myself for coming here to do some stupid art stuff, instead of staying and taking care of him in his last days, because he was always with me in my bad days, found a way to cheer me up.

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06/08/05 06:28 - ID#33776

Things to do

I don't know what kind of a talent is this that I can make myself always very VERY busy. This supposed to be the summer time, but everyday is full of something that I have to finish by the end of this month.

_Geethanjana's website.
_Insoon's Catalog
_Infringement Festival Promotional Stuff
_A residency Application
_A Presentation for the EPA Conference
_New Syllabus for the class

I want to go to a vacation, AGAIN! I guess I want to go to Mexico, this time. I watched "Y tu mamá también" last night that made me wanna go there. Actually it is the secong time I am seeing it; the first time I rented the DVD from Blockbusters but it was the censored ridiculous. Then, I bought the DVD when I was in Columbus and watched it again last night. I really believe that it is a good one.

Anyways, I should go to my meeting now. And I'll eat some ice cream after that.

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05/29/05 12:49 - ID#33775



You know she is a free cat, she goes out, comes in whenever she wants. She is using my appartment just like an hotel room for a long time, where breakfasts and dinners are included to the price. WHAT PRICE? Everything is just for a meaw.

I was happy about that for a long time until the day I saw her scratching madly. She has FLEAS. So i got her a flea collar. A pink one. She looks really cute with that.

Paul, maybe it would be good if we can erase a part of our drawings rather that deleting the whole thing. I want to correct my spelling mistake!! Flee / flea! :)
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...