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03/21/05 07:29 - ID#33759

let the frog sing with you

This is my favorite website, lately....

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03/18/05 06:12 - ID#33758

Big Day Tomorrow

I am tired... sleepy... but so nervous about the meeting tomorrow so i know that if i go to bed, i won't be able to sleep at all and just wiggle hysterically... I wish I could be able to sleep more. What is wrong with me?
Tomorrow is the meeting with the city people. I'll ask for some money for Public Trans-phere. No... I'll beg them to give us some money! I really want to do this project. Especially now. We had a meeting with Paul and Jesse today, which was inspiring. (for me at least)... We have all these great ideas... I feel it though, city people will like it... Please...please...

Oh, I almost forgot, there is another thing that makes me not sleep. I am going to Romania in 2 months. I have been accepted to a biennale in Romania, but I really don't have time to think about it. What will I send? How will I go? It is really weird, sometimes nothing happens, but sometimes everything happens at the same time.
What a coincidence, I have just seen Bram Stoker's Dracula. I love that movie. Yeah yeah, i am going to Romania!!! I should have some fun there... I hope... I hope it is not just a serious art gathering! Actually, I don't think I can be happy outside the Buffalo art community. There are many people here thinking/feeling excatly the same way I do. I enjoy working/talking with them. But still I am searching for other opportunities in Europe. This is such a schizophrenic behavior. Really, I am so weird these days. A week ago I told my self that I'll let my hair grow, and at the same evening i cut it? Perhaps my id and ego are not going very well, ha?

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03/17/05 03:51 - ID#33757



Here she is planning her next move!
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03/16/05 02:17 - ID#33756

Public Transphere

I guess, FINALLY!, my thesis project is going somewhere... I'll do the first test drive tomorrow, to define the finalized route and check out the approximate time. I start liking it. After all the trouble I experienced with the transportation authorities...things are going smoother now. Especially the idea of working with Paul and Jesse is so comforting. (Paul what do you think about the flyer? I only have the front page, yet)

By the way, my cat ran away an hour ago. Actually she didn't run away but just hid in one of the luggages inside the storage place and made us think as if she ran away. She is such a character.


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03/14/05 10:29 - ID#33755


You know what Russian people say about vodka, they say vodka is like truth. You can't drink vodka with your mouth, it is not a playful drink like wine or cocktail, its taste is bitter so you need to swallow quickly, directly with your throat. It burns your throat, just like the truth hurts you, however, the warm feeling coming from your stomach afterwards, makes you feel relax and somewhat happy.

Cheers to that, ha?

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03/13/05 12:15 - ID#33754

bad girl

I forgot that today is my sister's bithday. I forgot to call her... I feel so bad. I missed them a lot. I wish they were all here, or I was there. Shitttt.


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03/12/05 11:21 - ID#33753

extra strenght

Spring Break didn't start good for me. I have terrible period pain. I spent whole day in bed, took millions of pain killers... I finally found the energy to turn on my computer. Agnes (my cat) is sitting on my laptop case and looking into my eyes continuously. I assume she is starving now but there is no cat food at home. I am a terrible cat owner. I like her a lot but I think I am not a very responsible person. And she makes me feel bad by making me think that I am irresponsible. Maybe I should have listened to my mom. She advised me not to get any pets until I finish school but, as always, I did not listen to her.

But I really love Agnes. She is so interesting;
to live with something that does not understand anything I say is so fun. She does whatever she wants. She never thinks what other people (me) will say, she just does. I wish I could be like her. No rules, no social rules, no institutions.
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03/11/05 09:30 - ID#33752

Thank You all... Any more?


_ Low Cost of Living
_ Poor Urban Planning
_ Job Market
_ Water Bills
_ Favorite Local Band
_ Prefer New/Old Buildings
_ Metro Rail Good/Bad
_ County Taxes
_ Budget Cuts
_ Sex Education in Schools
_ Tax money will never be spent to improve the city

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03/10/05 01:20 - ID#33751


I need to find some topics about Buffalo to trigger some discussions among a momentary group of people... (who don't know each other at all)... Sort of a free discussion corner... I have to make them discuss about something... What could it be? Any Ideas?

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03/07/05 11:52 - ID#33750

first try

My place is really cold tonight... My toes are FREEZING! and they are painted in mango mango color under two layers of woolen socks. Thanks to Chris! As I don't have a nail polish remover, i guess i have to wait until i assign Chris's next task to get rid of them.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...