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04/26/05 10:13 - ID#33765

Sunday @ 2PM

Photo by Nicole Coleman / Spectrum Reporter

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04/25/05 01:44 - ID#33764

Monday Monday...

I am still not sure, if I dreamt about public transphere all weekend long or it really happened? I have very different feelings about what had happened in the van, i guess i will spend the rest of my time writing about it...

After all, I have to say that I believe everything worked really well. (e:Paul) and Jesse were amazingly helpful and supportive... James Holland and Orkan too... To be honest, I enjoyed when our technology resisted working sometimes, because everything was very situational, risky!, unexpected so i believe something working perfect would be artificial. We discussed about the role of technology a lot after the first day. For my side I really liked being in the van but also being able to watch the image of the van moving on the website. I think it created this contrast of being in and out. Although people were able to see where the van is passing at the given moment, they had no idea most of the time what was going on. Perhaps, audio streaming helped a little, but still, being in the van was intense most of the times.

I don't know, I am still sleepy... And I know I have to wake up as soon as possible and start writing my papers and do a performance for Millie's class.
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04/18/05 10:16 - ID#33763

Life is full of surprises!

I was walking by the lake at CFA on Saturday afternoon, a man and his little son were walking towards me. The guy asked me, if I would mind taking a picture of him with his son. I said of course not. He gave me the camera, and showed me how to use it. It was a regular digital camera, wasn't hard to use.
Then, suddenly, the guy took off his t-shirt., then his trousers, and stood there in front of me only with his g-string (a black one). I was really surprised but of course I acted like taking pictures of naked men is a very usual activity for me. He and his son did some body builder poses... I took their pictures... People around us were laughing at me, I must look like I was paralyzed. But I continued taking pictures in a serious manner, just like a professional photographer ...
I enjoyed it, though.
And I decided to do the same thing one day: I'll ask somebody to take my picture and then I'll take of my clothes.
What are clothes for anyway?
We should all get naked... a Party!? ... Maybe after Public Transphere

Paul and Jesse did an amazing software. I hope we can go to some conferences and present the project to a broader audience. Especially to Europe. It would be so amazing. Actually there is something at Budapest. We'll see what happens!

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04/12/05 06:20 - ID#33762

Printers are out of order....

I am monitoring (supposedly tutoring) at the computer lab right now. The most boring times of my life. I am just sitting here and hoping for people to come up with some questions. But usually they don't. I wish they could ask some really serious questions, not only technical, but like "the meaning of life" type of questions, which would make me think for 30 minutes to come up --or not-- with an answer... But the only question I am hearing since 3PM is "Are the printers working?" NO. They are not, and I have no idea what happened to them.

Perhaps they realized that life is meaningless. Or they are on strike? All three of them (1 color and 2 b&w) united and decided not to print, unless the school feeds them with better paper and toner?!!!

I have 1 more hour to go. I want to be with my sister. She is here in Buffalo. She came to visit me but I am sitting here all by myself, imagining printers resisting the existing system of the department.

And I am getting hungry.

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04/04/05 03:18 - ID#33761

last 4 weeks

"Every failure is a masterpiece, another branch of the rhizome"
Deleuze and Guattari

Such a great quotation. If nobody gets on to the van, that is the excuse I'll use to my thesis committee... Joking apart, we were discussing this with one of my instructors, and we decided that graduate schools never lets us to fail. Everything has to work, so that you can pass your classes and get the degree and start drowning in the circulation of capital. No room for experiments, just tested and approved solutions.

So fucking ridicules.
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04/03/05 01:57 - ID#33760


It's realy weird... I cannot log in with Firefox to elmwoodstrip. It says my password is invalid. But in safari everything is ok... Yes Paul, I cleared the cookies.
I downloaded Firefox, just because of this lady, continuously saying " I hope you are using Firefox that is easier for me" and actually I started liking using it. But now I cannot log in. Help.

So, what a week. I guess, I am not writing to my journal since the spring break. DC was really fun. We went to this Turkish restaurant and ordered almost everything on the menu. I have to admit that the portions were really small but everything was extremely delicious. A place called "Meze", somewhere in DC. I am really bad in remembering the names of the streets. It should be one of these numbered ones. 17 perhaps.

Since than, I am (we are) working like crazy. 20 days left for the big thing. Although, I am having so much fun, I want things to be over soon. I want to relax. I have this stomach ache everyday now. I am waking up with it, teaching with it... Even now, I have it and I am sick of it.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...