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lovin the strip

I am so excited! Every time I log into the strip I am enlightened, the photos are so great & I, in a vicarious way, feel like I am on the vacations. Now, I have even seen the Taste of Buffalo! I have seen the aquarium & your gardens. Today was so beautiful and my daughter, cj, has started building my porch. I have dreamed of going out early in the morning with my cup of coffee & watching all the morning shinnagans. All things come to those who wait. I am very tired & actually joined so that I could comment on Paul's being chased by a BUG. I have been sorting through piles of newspapers today & clipping bits I wanted and in new words was arachnoleptic fit (n.): the frantic dance performed just after you've accidently walked through a spider web. That's Paul's dance.

Gosh, I forgot to watch Guns, Germs & Steel on PBS tonite at 10:00. Did anyone see it?
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