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Catching Up

I shouldn't be writing because I am so f
ing tired. But, had to check on the Strip & now have found out where Holly has been. I see she is doing some performing. How exciting because it is exactly what she loves to do. I was wondering if she had attended the party on Sat. It sounds like it was a huge success. I hope that Paul did not have a hangover; he is too busy for that.

I had a large party this Saturday in Rixford, PA. Holly & Matt were supposed to be there but, I see now they were busy. Holly's sister came from Buffalo & her cousin from Hamburg. I have no reason why this little burg celebrates Otto-Eldred Days but they put on a spectacular fireworks display. It took everyone till 1am to get home because of 2 car pile-ups blocking one entire route. Can we hardly handle all this excitement?

This am I went to Flickr to see Dcoffee's photos. We have 2 cats & it looks like he has the happiest cat--so handsome. He takes some great photos of the city. I like Matt's colors in his photos,too & wait anxiously for new ones! Hi to Ladycroft & Southern Yankee.
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