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Same old; I think not!

Creatures of habit, history doomed to repeating itself, you are what you eat. Over & over again we hear the same truths & I am steadfastly rooted in them. There will be no changes for me. But, just because I know obesity & lack of exercise is the cause of my heart attack, my hip replacement, my breast cancer, my high blood pressure I continue on the same path. You ARE NOT! You can't be because you know better.

In reading today's blogs I see raging evidence of everyone's awareness of our well-being. I know Paul is working hard to add a few pounds & I have come across the most perfect web-site for him. It is!!!!!! He is always showing us great pix of his food. And, at this site he sends the picture & a nutrionist will gladly evaluate it for him calorie-wise & nutrionally- wise. There is a fee but would like you all to check it out.

Now, as to his high-blood pressure, I am quite wary of his astragalous. I would like him to check out the connection between its name of huang qi. Mahuang, as you all know as ephredra, is a known blood pressure cause. Could it be? Also, salt, anti-histamines, artificial sweeteners contain phenylalanine, & diet sodas.

For most of us unfortunate enough to have to lose weight try web-site Shows great substituions & recipes.

Ladycroft is so right about lead poisoning. Even though we may even grow our own gardens years of leaded gasoline use has polluted the soil we grow our fresh veggies in. Buildings over 50 years should be inspected. Be aware of imported canned foods which may have side seams soldered with lead. Never use water drawn from your tap in the morning. Let it run for awhile. Don't boil water longer than necessary, any longer concentrates contaminants. Do not turn bread bags inside out to re-use . The ink used may contain lead. If you drink wine, wipe the mouth of the bottle after removing foil & cork. Foil wrappers can contaminate the wine. Imported ceramic products--do not use with food. These are all great hints from Prescription for Nutritional Healing
2nd Edition by James F. Balch, M.D & Phyllis A Balch, C.N.C (1997)Avery Publishing Group

As for our stress! Let's not take life too seriously. Calm those inner voices that are always urging us on with wouldas & shouldas. Light a lavender candle, drink a cup of chamomile tea, & take a warm bath after great sex. Kisses & hugs to you all.

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