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Life not for the weak!

Hi Guys, I am having a 'senor moment.' Whenever I am at death's door I turn to estrip- the land of the living. I am having my own pity party. After my heart attack in Oct. thought my bout with that kind of junk was over. In June got a job babysitting a little boy 9 weeks old. I desperately needed it because I had lost my little Braden. His ignorant mother decided to get pregnant again with a Puerto Rican soldier living in PR. She left in the middle of the night without even letting us say good-bye to him. Our house is a shrine to him. His high chair, his toys, his sippy cups. I have never wanted to burden you all with this but I cannot bury the venom any longer. Anyway, after 2 days with my new baby the Dr. said I had a cancerous lump in one of my f%$####. huge breasts. Had a lumpectomy and 3 nodes. Now cancer free but will have radiation for 5 & 1/2 wks. New mother thought it would be too much for me so got a new babysitter, temporarily So what is the point? You are young & hopeful busy people . Do not get distracted by activity. Know that you are influential . There are all kinds of people who need your attention. Store clerks, hospital cleaning ladies & poor old ladies feeling sorry for themselves. One who knows Matt's pictures will cheer her up & Ladycroft's antics will make her laugh. You rule!
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