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01/22/07 11:05 - ID#37813

Perfect Storm


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Almost thought I'd have to put on the work boots in the wee pre-dawn hours this morning as an Alberta Clipper swooped on through around 2 AM. I awoke to witness a most perfect storm, which last only briefly much to my delight. I think I have just now fully paid off my sleep deficit over the last 3 nights from the previous all-nighter in the plow truck. Being awake during favored hours of slumber really puts me out of whack. I'm grateful that I've been blessed with sufficient recovery time until the next outing.

So I missed an opportunity to meet up with a very sexy nurse whom I met here on myspace. I had made plans for pizza and football with my brother before arranging for the meeting. By the time I was through hanging with my bro she had to go to work on the overnight shift. We made tentative plans to meet up some night later in the week. It was nice to visit with my brother who is in town on business for the next several weeks. We watched the NFC championship and by the time the AFC championship started we were both getting a little restless not used to sitting around idle for such an extended period of time. I went home before the first half was over with New England up big looking to repeat history with a playoff thumping of the Colts. It wasn't until this morning that I read in the paper that Indy had pulled off the biggest comeback in conference championship history vindicating playoff demons past as Peyton Manning deservedly earns his first trip to the Super Bowl. It's also a first for head coach Tony Dungee and the city of Indianapolis. In two weeks they will meet the "monsters of the miday" from Chicago, coached also by Lovie Smith making for the first ever Super Bowl pitting two African-American head coaches. Times, they are a changing...

This culture is so sexually repressed it's insane. We all want to enjoy the ecstasy of our sexuality without any shame or guilt, yet we do just that and limit the degree of pleasure derived. Sex is as spiritual an act as there is in the human experience. Many of us were brought up with religious doctrine preaching to the contrary, especially we Catholics. I'll never forget the priest who came into our 7th grade classroom to teach sex ed. May I ask, what the hell does a man who's taken a lifetime vow of celibacy know about sex? How can you teach about that which you do not know from experience? It's completely insane! And so if someone were to accuse me of being crazy, or insane, I'd reply quite simply that it takes one to know one. Insanity is the pattern of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The world is full of people chasing their tails hoping and praying that they may actually get a hold of it. Quit chasing your tail and start living your life for chrissakes! I know I am and so who am I to deny all these love-starved women clamoring at my door? Booyakasha!

One Love

Would you believe, SEAN, that there is nothing about your life today, not even what hurts, that you won't eventually appreciate, with happy tears running down your face?

Chokes me up just thinking about it -
The Universe

January 22, 2007
Joyous Surprises
Libra Daily Horoscope

Unexpected good news will likely please you greatly today. You may be surprised to hear that you are in line for a promotion at work or that a loved one has been the recipient of a financial windfall. The amazing announcement that comes to you via the grapevine may be emotional in nature, such as the coming together of two important people in your life. Because you will likely be caught off guard by this happy news, you may not know how to respond. However, collecting your thoughts can be as easy as taking a moment to determine what you are really feeling. If you allow yourself time to adjust today, your reaction to bombshells will likely be uniformly positive.

The pleasure of life's little surprises lies in their ability to catch us off guard and to remind us that there are many blessings still to come. When we are surprised, the unexpected joy we feel acts as a potent antidote to the daily grind and encourages us to remember that we cannot always predict what is lying in wait for us. Our expectations of the future are thus indelibly changed, as we understand that even our grimmest prophetic visions may be interrupted by positive circumstances at any time. Conversely, we are motivated by this notion to strive for excellence in every aspect of our lives because we also know that we are equipped to influence fate in our favor. The pleasant surprises that come into your life today will lift your spirits and add a spot of joy to your experience.

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