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01/26/07 10:16 - ID#37875

Sasha Cohen

Booyakasha! 770 visits to my blog so far this week as of this writing, must be my profile headline, "Warning rated NC 17 for adult content." Of course, I might have attracted some pervs with my recent graphic descriptions in the sex and romance category. I know I lost one subscriber who said she is not interested in reading about sex or talking about it. Her loss. Once again I defer to that wise old cat in a hat Dr, Suess, "The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter won't mind." Put that in ur pipe and smoke it! So tell me, I'm curious, is arrogance ever "founded"? Just wondering.

The coldest air mass of the winter season has taken hold of our region with temps in the single digits to start the day. I was called in to work last night, thankfully I did not have to exit the vehicle. I made a few passes along the edges at my commerical properties to tidy things up. If I had been really dedicated I would have swept the entirety of the paved surfaces, but I had a self-imposed curfew of 11 PM to honor. It really was silly for Rich to have us go out to address less than an inch of fine white powder. I had company over for vision boarding, which made for a very fun, albeit truncated evening gathering. I had to give my delightful guests the boot so I could be on my way to answer the call to action. I look forward to our next vision boarding night, perhaps next Thursday weather-permitting.

In the news, Labatt USA is moving its headquarters from Connecticut to Buffalo and with it 20 new sales and marketing positions, not to mention corporate sponsorships and an infusion of much needed extra-municipal dollars. The possibility of a Labatt pond hockey tournament here is now quite likely. I'm sure the Buffalo Sabres organization would support as a co-sponsor for a marketing opportunity and community out-reach. I for one would love to put together and participate on a team of cousins and friends in the popular tournament. Hell, I'd even offer to help organize the damn thing. I suppose Hoyt Lake behind the Albright-Knox would be the most logical choice, that is if they can flush the remaining deposits of anti-freeze dumped into the lake years ago by a disgruntled former parks commissioner. Winter activities and events are essential not only for individual fitness and health, but also as a means to build a tighter-knit community. A city that plays together grows together.

I feel much lighter after yesterday's lunch passed through my system a short while ago. I gorged myself on taco pizza, a mango black bean burrito and chicken-sausage gumbo washed down with a pint of Smuttynose nut brown ale for lunch at Colter Bay yesterday. I was so packed all I had for dinner was an energy bar. My sister joined her husband and I at the bar for a delicious feast. It was dead thanks to the frigid temps enabling her to break shift. We ended up spending over 2 hours hanging out and chatting. Erinn proposed a tubing outing this weekend in Colden, but I won't be able to join in the fun with my plans for the Effortless Prosperity seminar. I suggested that she re-schedule for next weekend since I would really like to tag along. Our cousin Peter has a gorgeous 4 bedroom chalet just up the hill from Kissing Bridge where we could go afterward to thaw out, perhaps a soak in the hot tub and a cocktail. Mmmmmmmmm...

Well I'm totally stoked for this evening's itinerary. I will be joined with an entourage of 8 lovely Goddesses to attend Bijan's Effortless Prosperity seminar in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I have a massage with my friend Tara booked for this afternoon. Following the massage our group will be gathering to enjoy some take-out from the Falafel Bar before making way for our beloved neighbor to the north, O Canada! They really do have a much better national anthem than ours. Listen to the lyrics before the next Sabres' game. The Star Spangled Banner is all ego-based glorification of war and violence while Canada's is like a beautiful prayer, "God keep our land glorious and free..." Gives me the spine tingles, but then to be honest, so does the U.S. anthem, "...o'er the land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeee and the home of the brave!"

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We frequently discover that we are stronger than we previously imagined possible when we choose to face challenging circumstances head-on with courage and determination. While we may at first doubt that we are capable of coping with the difficulties before us, we instinctively tap into our innate reserves of strength when confronting our fears. As we learn about the true range of our valor, each of the instances in our past in which we exhibited bravery serves to inspire and encourage us. We eventually feel well-equipped to embark upon journeys of courage that require us to expand the horizon of our boldness because we understand that as we grow as individuals, we will reach new plateaus of power. You will face adversity with daring audacity today when you rely on your copious inner strength.

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