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High Society

My brother-in-law remarked at dinner the other night, "You've got the best job in the world!" He did so with the slightest hint of envy at the notion that I only work a couple hours a week and get paid a full week's salary. While it's true there have been several weeks that I've worked perhaps 10 hours or less and received compensation for a full 40 hours, clearly he is speaking from a place of non-experience. Snowplowing is not by any means easy, nevermind the overnight hours which serve only to increase the challenge. It actually requires a great deal of skill, concentration and endurance. Believe it or not, revving to and fro, slamming into piles of snow and performing with quality service in mind takes a toll mentally and physically. I'm surprised that more peeps don't wind up in serious accidents involving snow removal equipment. To this I credit the operators who are ever attentive with a keen eye in the side-view mirrors and over the shoulder for careless drivers on the morning commute. My left shoulder began to act up again in response to the repeated motion involved with steering while my right hand operates the plow control. All in all this morning's outing was quite smooth by any measure, but once again I find myself in that creamy malaise that only the snowplowman knows. The best job in the world? Hardly. I mean, I aint complaining, but it's certainly not my idea of the "best" job. Yet for right now I make the best of it and am grateful to count it among my many blessings.

Incidentally, I have a job interview scheduled Friday morning for what appears on paper as a major career advancement opportunity. The position as regional manager would put me in charge of 7 stores and require travel up to 3 days per week, including Syracuse and Albany. Compensation for the position would more than double my current annual income at 70K, not to mention full benefits, which I haven't had since 2000 while employed at Medaille College. I was hanging out with my friend Tara picking out a birthday gift for our friends' 1 year-old, Navah Rain, when my phone rang. It was Brigette from Good Feet explaining that they had recieved "a large response" from the job post on-line and that they are most interested in meeting with me. So I'll get all shined up in my biz-nass suit, enjoy a discussion with the individual conducting the interview and likely charm the pants off of her. Hey, even if I don't get the job plan B is to get laid. Of course plan Z is to get the job offer and get laid. Count it!

Yesterday was one of those days where one lovely encounter flowed into the next. I met up with my boy Jason, aka Shizzol, for a trip to the Indian buffet on Elmwood. I had invited his girl Sasha, but she declined in favor of staying home to rest her body pregnant with their soon-to-be first born child. My Indian princess who had served us the night before last was not on shift, much to my disappointment, although it really wasn't a letdown. Shiz and I caught up on what's going on in our lives and enjoyed our usual conversation like old friends keeping in touch. He knows he's in for a major life change once he becomes a daddy in a few months. He and Sasha have a couple "differences" brewing that will ultimately lead to some difficult choices, including possible relocation out of state, if not out of town. He's a middle class boy who grew up in the suburbs and has grown fond of living in da hood, while his girl Sasha, born in Africa and raised in da hood of Kansas City wants to live in the 'burbs. She gave him a 2 year ultimatum for relocation and so if my boy stays true to his girl and skips town I'll sure miss that kat. It was my pleasure to pick up the tab for lunch as he offered to treat next time as per custom. But who knows really, there may never be a next time? Tomorrow is always a mystery and we do have today, a gift, which is why we call it the present.

Following lunch I returned a phone call from Tara who had noticed my truck parked on Forest Ave. She shared me with the story of how she came to notice the white stallion as a municpal plow truck pulled along side just as she happened to be watching. Funny how the mind makes such associations and even more amazing how we are directed to notice that which is on our mind. It's nice to be thought of and I imagine for the most part my friends and family think highly of me. If not, that's okay by me. I keep inner peace by saying "Om!" and the outer peace is maintained by "Fuck Om!" All kidding aside, my life is immensely peaceful and quite often filled with experiences of joy. Visiting with loved ones is one of life's simple pleasures for me. After acquiring a bday gift at the Tree House Tara and I migrated to Spot Coffee for a chat. We were delighted to cross paths with Christopher who had taken up residence upon one of the sofas in the rear of the hip, bustling cafe burning copies of the demo CD we recorded on his iMac. He joined us as we sat three abreast on a cozy sofa sipping various hot beverages and sharing a tahini cookie drizzled in honey that I purchased from the Lex co-op. It was utterly tantalizing as Tara commented on the sweet delicacy. The conversation touched upon very personal and intimate revelations and insights, as it often does in such luminous company. The sun shone in through the glass as we bathed in its warming light. The time passed effortlessly as we bid one another adieu and went off on our separate, but equal paths. I was stoked on caffeine and feel good vibes.

Upon arriving home I considered how I might spend the remainder of my evening with the prospect of plowing in the early pre-dawn ahead. Plans suddenly erupted as my friend Colleen sent me an IM inviting me to dinner at either Mother's or Tempo. I was feeling Tempo as I'd never been and she agreed offering to treat, her only request that I dress nice and look "hot." I replied that "hot" is my natural state of being and so it would be effortless. We met up at the Buffalo Club where she parked and hopped into my ride for the shuttle up Delaware Ave. She looked lovely clothed in business attire from the engagements earlier in the day allowing for such a spontaneous flow into a fine dining setting. We checked our coats with a stunning dark woman at the door before being seated a couple tables away from Ryan Miller, the much maligned Buffalo Sabres netminder. He was enjoying dinner with Sabres' top official Larry Quinn together with Bob Rich and his wife Mindy I believe is her name. I wouldn't have known the identity of Ryan's company if not for Coll who is quite entrenched in such prolific circles of local celebs and the affluent. It makes no difference to me if I'm kicking it with the rich and famous or the poor and unfamiliar. It's all holy to me.

I was a wee bit intimidated by the menu with a bunch of Italiano terms like Pesce and Carpoccio, but I rolled with it as the waiter introduced us to the wine list. I made it clear to Coll that red wine is off-limits for me as memories from a night of debauchery many weeks ago linger still. She went with a Pinot Grigio, which was rather refreshing. I joked that now I'm like my mother drinking white wine after always having been a fan of the rouge. Hey, change is the only constant. So I went with the seared yellow-fin tuna in a tangy soy glaze. We shared an appetizer of Gnocchi, still not sure how to pronounce that one, but damn it was good. We had many laughs as we delighted in the fancy feast, followed with a dessert fit for royalty. I ordered creme brulee along with sumatra served in a French press and poured at the table. Coll kicked it up a notch requesting a sweet liquer to add to the coffee along with steamed milk. I was in heaven and had I not the call of duty in the back of my mind I might have taken her up on an offer to grab a beer for a nightcap. Three hours and $200 plus later we completed our high society interlude. We made tentative plans to get tix for an upcoming Sabres' game. Tempo is no doubt a swanky joint where peeps are likely as much drawn to be seen as they are by the sumptuous fare. Without question the food is prepared first class. Coll assured me that her friend Paul, Executive Chef and part-owner, is the best in Buffalo. I wouldn't argue with her based on my experience. C'est magnifique! I know that's Francais, but forgive my lack of Italiano background. Hey, we can always head to Starbuck's an order up some Fritaliano concoction.

One Love

January 30, 2007
Equilibrium in Time
Libra Daily Horoscope

Your obligations can easily overwhelm you today if you focus the entirety of your energy on the fulfillment of your myriad duties. As you may be laboring under the weight of a great number of responsibilities, you will likely try to do as much as possible in a relatively short time. However, your dedication to the tasks on your agenda can work against you today if you do not afford yourself ample time for personal renewal. You can avoid becoming over-extended by learning to say no to the requests others make of you and taking frequent breaks throughout the day. If you feel relaxed while pursuing your objectives, you will likely find that you are able to work harder as well as faster.

Successfully pursuing balance in our professional and personal lives is most often a matter of first comprehending the nature of our limitations, accepting that our strengths are by no means boundless, and then making time for renewal. When we attempt to push ourselves to and beyond the point of physical and mental exhaustion, our minds and our bodies send us signals indicating that we need to slow down. Heeding these messages is as simple as honoring our individual rhythms by respecting the fact that rest and rejuvenation are vital aspects of the goal-realization process. We need not feel guilty about temporarily putting aside our responsibilities when we have written periods of refreshment into our schedules. The fatigue you feel will gradually disappear today as you bring your life into balance using effective time management.

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