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09/29/08 08:03 - ID#45851

Home Depot Weirdness

My niece moved back to Buffalo after 8 years in NYC over the weekend. She's living in a beautiful apartment over on Linwood (near Utica) with 2 of her friends. (I told her she should check out this site.) As a coming home/house-warming gift to her, I took her shopping yesterday to get some essentials and some basic things that she wanted. We went to Home Depot to pick up a few things and while we were there, a guy who worked there actually tried to pick her up. Now, I will be the first one to say my niece is beautiful with a very interesting look. She designs a lot of her own clothing and has a very unique, funky style. She is stunning. So, this brings me back to the HD guy. I've gotta give the guy credit for having big enough ones to actually make the advance, even if it was a little weird since it probably looked like she was there with her mother and little sister (me & my teen daughter), but she is, nonetheless, way out of his league. She, however, was kind and politely tried to tell him that she wasn't interested and had just ended a long-term relationship that didn't go well, at which point she then walked away. Lo, and behold, before we could exit the store he again came up to her, while we were in the check-out, and did the: "hey, I would really like to see you, and here's my number" thing. Now I'm not sure, but besides just being inappropriate, I think he was actually a little closer to my age than hers - which made it even more wierd for her. After we left, she was a little creeped out and I don't think she'll be going into Home Depot again anytime soon - at least not without a male companion. Weird! We did get some nice paint though.
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