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Category: movies

09/20/08 07:14 - 72ºF - ID#45740

Deniro & Pacino

I was thinking about going sometime to see the new Deniro/Pacino movie, Righteous Kill? Has anyone seen it, and, if yes, how was it/would you recommend it? Thanks.
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09/20/08 12:20 - 60ºF - ID#45735

Phone trouble

My daughter went on a slip-n-slide at school today with her phone in her pocket. While it didn't get completely soaked, it is now not working correctly. It does seem to work, however, if she uses my battery. Her friends (no doubt of superior intelligence, as all teenagers are) recommended she put the battery in a bowl of rice (obviously to try to draw the water out). Aside from buying her a new battery, does anyone else have any ideas - just in case the baby-geniuses' idea doesn't work out?
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09/15/08 09:28 - 59ºF - ID#45693

Sarah Palin

Had dinner with a friend tonight - engaged in some political discussion while chatting. She relayed a story about a recent conversation she had with one of her sisters-in-law where the SIL asked her what she thought of Sara Palin. My friend replied, "I think she's trailer-trash."

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09/14/08 02:06 - 84ºF - ID#45677

New Market on Hertel

My sister and I were out running some errands today and we stopped at a market on Hertel (between Delaware & Colvin) that just opened this past Thursday. Its name, I believe, is Hertel Farmers Market. They had lots of nice produce at good prices. They also have fresh bread and good sales at their deli counter (where the wait was a little long). It's not a very big place but they were reasonably priced on most stuff, and had really good prices on some things; they also had some items I haven't seen elsewhere. They told us it's a family business and they get a lot of stuff from local growers. I'm not sure what their hours are but I know they're open on Sundays. I'm always happy when I can support local business instead of huge conglomerations. Anyway, can't wait to make stuffed hot peppers with the long yellow banana and long green hot peppers, and the gorgonzola & parm cheeses I bought - guess I better take my Prilosec that day. Happy shopping!
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09/11/08 05:29 - 74ºF - ID#45644

Rambling: aka talking & I can't shut up

Hate this day (9/11) - it gives me such a melancholy feeling. Wanted to go give blood today but they called my number last night for Jury Duty so I had to spend the day at 25 Delaware Ave. Actually got as far as the box but they only needed 3 jurors from our group and, therefore most of us weren’t selected. I have officially now fulfilled my civic duty for the next how ever many years… blah, blah, blah. I almost wish I had been picked. The case seemed sort of interesting. It was a criminal case that involved an alleged arson, conspiracy, some theoretically shady characters, and police, firefighters, ATF, and other folks (not sure which ones they were considering as the shady characters). I kind of would have liked the break from work for a week or so too (feeling a little burned out on work right now). It was a little weird for me when the judge was first interviewing all of us. He asked us all to state where we lived (town, part of city, etc), our marital status, how many kids, and where we worked. It was the first time in a long time that I actually said out loud that I was a widow. My husband passed 5 years ago but it still feels like such a strange thing to say. I think that, also, is adding to my melancholy feeling - this time of year is always a little weird for me with the anniversary of his death in early Aug. and his upcoming birthday (Oct. 3) - he would have turned 47 this year. Cancer sucks! I miss him. OK - enough of that.

Anyway, tonight is meet the teachers night at my daughter’s high school. We have to run through a “mini” schedule of their day, which means from 6:00 - 7:30 I’ll get a torturous aerobic workout every 7 minutes running up and down stairs and around her school building trying to find her classes. She thought I should do it carrying her backpack and laptop with me so I could “see what it’s really like,” but I think using my imagination is perfectly fine.

MrMike, if you're reading, I hope you enjoy your Milwaukee trip. My old job required me to travel. Sometimes you get some good ones, sometimes they kind of suck. My favorite ever work trip was to New Orleans but it was way too short and I didn’t have near enough time to do and see all that I wanted to. Loved the French Quarter. It was amazing how the city seemed to have a life of it’s own. Someday I'll go back. Sorry...I digressed! At least the Harley Davidson thing sounds cool. How’s the Rain Forest exhibit? Are you getting a ton of people? I really want to see it. I still haven’t seen the elephants since they came back. Guess I’m overdue for a trip to the zoo.

Well that’s all my rambling for now (I know, thank god, right?). I better get going to meet the teachers.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

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Category: movies

09/08/08 07:32 - 70ºF - ID#45607

Mama Mia!

Went to the movies this weekend with my niece and sister. We saw Mama Mia! and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it actually was. I will admit I had some concern that it might be a little hokey (and I guess maybe some of it was), after all, it’s a musical and the music is by ABBA, but it was hysterical. Additionally, I thought that perhaps the humor would be somewhat generational, being reflective of a certain era; however, my niece is 26 and also seemed to find the humor in it … or maybe she was just laughing at my sister and me. Anyway, it’s not a very deep, thought-provoking film, but if you want some light, nonsense-induced laughter, it’s pretty good (and some of the costuming is wild). The movie has kind of been tagged as a “chick-flick” but I think guys can appreciate it too.
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09/07/08 12:54 - 58ºF - ID#45597

Cool Stuff

Live music by PowerPlay … classic rock/old time stuff (check link for play list) . My Chiropractor, Dr. Werder (aka Dr. Jay), whose office is on W. Utica near Elmwood, plays in the band … he’s a very cool guy, in a nerdy kind of way. Friday September 26 at 9:00 p.m. (early enough for some of us old timers who can’t wail until midnight for the band to start) at the River Grille, Aqua Lane, Tonawanda. Don’t know if there’s admission $.

Also, my niece just graduated from Pratt Institute in NYC this year and has started her own company, iron and fire adornments. She’s been in NYC for around 8-9 years and I think she’s moving back to Bflo soon, yeah. She’s a really cool designer and makes great yoga clothes (if you’re into that), and some other types of funky clothing, and really beautiful jewelry. You can check out some of her creations on her myspace page at:

Some of her jewelry is available locally at her friend’s shop: New Age Salon … 1667 Hertel Ave., Buffalo

Also, check out the site below and click on the “Click Here to Give It’s Free” button, daily. Their site sponsors make a contribution, every time visitors click, toward free mamo’s for women who can’t afford them. They have some cute merchandise too, if you’re shopping.

Thanks for stopping by … enjoy the rest of your summer!

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