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Category: work

12/12/06 10:27 - ID#21800

ok not quite

Well its been a couple weeks now and I've yet to see any actual game playing at work. Apparently its not all fun games =

But that's cool by me cuz I'm enjoying the shit I'm doin and the people I work with. We're making a lot of improvements to the systems we have now and I'm getting to do a lot of stuff that I really just love doing.

I had a cool time at the party the other night, it was good seeing all the (e:peeps)

I suppose I should get over to (e:imk2) 's journal and REpost the the comment she deleted for improper use of english (her 2nd language, my 1st)

I leave you with the following imagery:


also in retort to the mom breast scandal I provide the following evidence that these are indeed fine specimines of femininity


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Category: work

11/21/06 01:31 - ID#21799

I love my new job already

So I met with my new boss yesterday for lunch. And he starts off by telling me that he's not getting any work done today. So I say yeah well its Monday I know how that goes. He says, " well its more to do with the fact that I've been playing Battlefield 2142 with the guys all day" How awesome is that.

Then later we're talking shop and he tells me how they just got this shipment of new laptops in and that I'll probally have to stage some of them for the guys. He goes on to tell me how nice the new laptops are and that they have 512mb video cards in them and they play battlefield great and that I'll see when I get mine!!

Yeah I think this job is going to work out just fine.

I start on Monday and I can't wait.
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