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06/21/10 11:25 - ID#51985

not beauty tidbits

Ok- a few things (non-beauty related). Matt- I saw you on your porch while I was walking to my car during the allentown art fest and I said hello- but I am convinced you had no idea who I was. Sorry to scare you!

Secondly. I need Mac help. who doesn't? but seriously. So I have a little Macbook- the white one- I think it's the 13 inch. my battery is completely not chargeable. So, I assume I need a new one. Can I just purchase a new one and replace it myself? Or do I need to take it to the Apple store to get it done? A new battery is $129. Ouch. But my computer doesn't work unless it's plugged into the wall, and that sucks because sometimes, if it's plugged in and I move and the cord gets unconnected, then the whole computer shuts down. and that makes me very angry! Advice is greatly appreciated for anyone who knows.

I got new exciting news, but it's too early to post. I promise as soon as I get all my loose ends tied up I will post.

Also, mine and Morgan's trip to Arizona to visit (e:lilho) is officially booked! I can't wait to vacation in the great American Desert on a raft in the lazy river. Vitamin V here we come! :)
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