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05/03/10 02:11 - ID#51498

Rite Aid

So, if you got a sunday paper, there is a coupon for $2.50 off the purchase of 2 covergirl products- and Rite Aid has them for Buy one get one free. So essentially you can get $20 of covergirl products for $7.50.

You should. Lash Blast mascara is great. So is their lipstain and glosses. Shoot, I even like their eye shadow. As a cheap thing, get it even cheaper!

What are you waiting for people!?

Rite Aid also has many other great sales this week. 50% off pantene. Venus razors are on sale. Olay stuff is priced at $15.99 (with coupon in the paper taking off an additional $2).

I love Rite Aid!
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