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Renewed reason for blogging!

For years I have been blogging on this site off and on with no real purpose or reason, just bored and needed someplace to put my thoughts. After reading through most of my entries though, I realized I had to delete some things now that I becoming a professional and god knows who reads this...

so with that said, I came up with idea to have a purpose driven blog- a fun hobby based on something that I love: beauty and health products. Those of you who know me know that I am the queen of lipgloss, but my love goes way beyond just lip products- I love all makeup, all bath and body products, all skin care, all hair care, health products, etc. So, why not share what I try/work with daily?

My whole life I have been a beauty product nut. Even as a child I would spend hard earned cash from chores on tubes of lipgloss and the latest edition of Marie Claire or Cosmo just for the beauty products that they reviewed.

I am currently very happy in my career as a Research Specialist at Women's and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, but I would love to have something to work on as a fun thing to do during down time, and maybe help others find things that make a little happiness in their life. Besides, have you ever come across something that you love so much you could never part with? I have, hence why I need to write about these things...

So, with that said, check back regularly if you are interested in all things health and beauty related. I will even review mens products/items (I am lucky enough to have a man in my life who also loves to try new things, so I will update you on things he tries as well).
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