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Last night I was exercising. I haven't been able to exercise as much as I like due to a football related knee injury that happened last september. I am going a little stir crazy because I used to run an hour a day, plus yoga, plus strength training, plus team sports twice a week. I'm wearing a lovely strapless purple dress to the purple party and I am self conscious about my arms and back. In the past 2 years I have lost over 70lbs and my skin is still loose and saggy. Not that I really have anything to worry about since I'm as hot as fried eggs still on the skillet. Or lava rocks.
Anyways, I was on the floor doing bicep curls with my resistance bands at 12:30am last night while catching up on Lost Girl and the band slipped and smacked me in the face. Right across my eyes. It took me ten seconds to stop seeing stars and realize what happened. I had a dark cloud in the lower corner of my eye and started freaking out thinking I was going blind. I was smacked pretty darn hard. I eventually got my vision back, but everything out of my left eye was blurry. I could feel swelling but didn't see any. When I closed my eyes everything was a bright blue. Fuck.
This morning I (reluctantly) called my eye doctor about the trauma and (luckily) they were in the office today to check it out. Nothing major, just a swollen retina and cornea. Have to wear sunglasses for the next few days and everything looks weird. I am so clumsy.
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