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04/26/14 03:09 - ID#58936 pmobl


Today I played my first game of football since last November. It rained, it hailed, the entire field was a pit of mud. It was absolutely perfect. I almost forgot what it felt like to be on a sports team. It's really gratifying to have people cheering you on and stuff when you're all working together.

I joined a new team this season and it's a lot less organized. It's fun to not feel like everything is a business transaction. However, the rest of the team only expects the female players to sit as fillers. It's annoying, but by the end of the game they started realizing that if they treated me as a useful player I would be...well, useful. Man I love sports.

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04/11/14 08:24 - ID#58891 pmobl

Joe Matches this Car!


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