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Hooded Eyelids – How to Get rid of Hooded Eyes

Some people don’t mind their hooded eyes, but it’s understandable if you do. They may feel like just another part of getting older, or your genetics, that you can’t control.

But you can get rid of hooded eyelids. You don’t have to look tired or deal with droopy hooded eyelids anymore. Now there are multiple different treatments that can all drastically change the look of your hooded eyelids.

Which treatments the best, and which ones right for you? This post will give you all the details. But before we do that it’s helpful to know exactly what hooded eyelids are, and how to know if you have them.

What are Hooded Eyelids?

Hooded eyelids are a noticeable amount of skin over the crease of an eyelid. The crease can be partially or fully covered by the skin. This makes the eyelid look smaller, and gives it a “hooded” appearance.

Hooded eyelids are genetic, so they’re natural in some people. They can also develop or become more noticeable as you age.

Hooded eyes aren’t always a bad thing. Even some celebrities have them. But they can cause problems for some people. In some cases hooded eyes can cause discomfort and even make it harder to see.

Other people feel like their hooded eyes negatively affect their appearance, and this is usually the case with hooded eyelids caused by aging.

Not sure if you have hooded eyes or not? It’s pretty easy to tell once you know what to look for.

How to Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes

Eyes generally come in a few different shapes. There are about 5-8 main shapes, depending on who you ask. One of those shapes is hooded eyes.

Sounds complicated right? Luckily it’s pretty easy to tell what shape your eyes are with a few simple questions.

To determine if you have hooded eyes or not, look at yourself in a mirror and ask:

Can I see a full crease above my eyes when my eyes are open?

A full crease will be unobstructed by any skin and continue from one end of your eyelid to the other. If you can’t see a full crease then you either have hooded eyelids or monolid eyes.

Is your eyelid crease covered by skin or do you not have eyelid creases at all?

If your eyelid crease is covered then you have hooded eyelids. Monolids aren’t just covered, they appear to have no crease at all. (monolids are most common in people of East Asian descent)

Hooded eyelids (shown left) shouldn’t be confused with monolids (shown right)

There are different kinds of hooded eyes. They may be deep-set hooded eyes, or possibly a little downturned. If you’re curious about your exact eye shape wikiHow has a great tutorial on how to find it.

But you don’t have to know the exact type of hooded eyes you have if you want to fix them.

How to Get Rid of Hooded Eyelids: The Benefits of Eyelid Tape

The quickest effective treatment for hooded eyelids is eyelid tape. Eyelid tape is a transparent adhesive strip that lifts the skin around your eyelid. This gives your eyes a more open and youthful appearance.

Eyelid tape not only improves the appearance of hooded lids, it can also improve your vision. By lifting excess skin it can clear your field of view.

You might be wondering if eyelid tape is noticeable after you put them on, and how comfortable they are to wear.

The truth is a lot of eyelid tapes brands are poorly made and fall out after just a few hours. That’s why Contours Rx worked to fix these problems with their brand of eyelid tape. So you get all the benefits without the pitfalls of most other brands.

The Benefits of Eyelid Tape
There are a ton of benefits to eyelid tape in general, and even more so for Contours Rx eyelid tape: LIDS BY DESIGN – Eyelid Correcting Strips.

These include:

Instantly improve the appearance of hooded eyelids or tired-looking eyes
Improved vision
They’re long-lasting so you can wear them all day long
No one can see you wearing them, they blend into your skin making them virtually invisible
They’re comfortable to wear

Before and after of Contours Rx’s Eyelid Correcting Strips

The high quality materials are what makes Contours Rx Eyelid Correcting Strips last. The materials were chosen specifically for their hypoallergenic qualities. They’re even dermatologist approved so they’re comfortable to wear.

Best of all they make instant dramatic improvements to the appearance of hooded eyelids. It’s also a great solution to fix hooded eyelids without surgery.

That’s why eyelid strips are the best treatment for most people with hooded eyes. The effectiveness combined with the convenience make them extremely popular.

But there are other solutions to fix hooded eyelids also available.

Other Solutions to Fixing Hooded Eyelids
Makeup and surgery are two other popular treatments for hooded eyelids. These treatments both come with their own benefits, and downsides.

Applying makeup in the right places has always been a way to improve your appearance in general, and the same is true for hooded eyelids.

By applying eye shadow in the right places above your eye you can create the illusion of eyelids that look less “hooded.”

Makeup is a popular solution to hooded eyelids. But it’s important to remember it won’t help improve your vision at all. Because the skin above your eyelid isn’t actually being lifted, any obstruction to your vision won’t be removed.

Still makeup can dramatically change the appearance of your hooded eyelids. It does take time to apply – generally much longer than just putting in eyelid strips – but it’s a quick solution compared to surgery.

For people that wouldn’t mind taking the time to skillfully reapply their makeup in specific ways everyday, makeup can fix hooded eyelids.

You can fix hooded eyes without surgery, but it’s still an option. The surgery commonly used to fix hooded eyelids is called Blepharoplasty. The surgery is effective, but there are costs and some risks to consider.

First of all is the price. Blepharoplasty, like most surgeries, isn’t cheap. A study performed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found the cost of blepharoplasty in 2017 was about $3,026 on average.

In some cases you might be able to get some help paying for it with insurance. That’s because fixing hooded eyelids with blepharoplasty can be a functional surgery to improve your vision. It also depends on what your specific insurance plan covers.

Secondly you should be aware of the risks. All surgeries come with risk. The chances of something going wrong aren’t high if you’re working with an experienced professional. But it’s still important to know the risks involved.

According to Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical organization for medical professionals, the risks of blepharoplasty include:

Infection and bleeding
Dry, irritated eyes
Difficulty closing your eyes or other eyelid problems
Noticeable scarring
Injury to eye muscles
Skin discoloration
The need for a follow-up surgery
Temporarily blurred vision or, rarely, loss of eyesight

Lastly you need to consider the time and effort to get the surgery done. After all the work of finding a trustworthy professional you’ll still have to go through a lengthy process of appointments. These include the consultation, followed by multiple appointments before and after the procedure.

Don’t forget the recovery time either. This can be a few weeks, and during that time you’ll have to forego activities you’d normally do during that time. Strenuous labor and wearing contacts are just a few examples of the precautions you have to take while recovering.

After going through all that your hooded eyelids will be fixed. The solution is long-lasting too, so for some this may be worth it.

What is the Best Treatment For Hooded Eyelids?

The treatments for hooded eyelids range from instant effective solutions to costly surgeries that need a lot of preparation. To see what treatment is best for you it’s important to know what your priorities are.

Are you trying to improve the appearance of your hooded eyelids for a special event, or is it to fix your vision? The reasons for fixing your hooded eyelids will be a big factor in deciding what treatment is best for you.

Makeup can be a relatively quick and effective solution. But it takes time and skill to correctly apply the right makeup techniques to improve the appearance of hooded eyelids.

Eyelid tape is another solution that is both quick and effective. It’s easy to put on, lasts all day, and isn’t noticeable. It also has the added benefit of improving your vision, which makeup doesn’t.

Lastly, surgery is another more drastic solution to fixing hooded eyelids. The results of surgery are long-lasting, but you have to weigh out the costs and the risks involved.

Surgery is also a permanent change to your appearance, and that’s a big deal. If you’re interested in surgery, you might want to try eyelid tape first to see the results of what your surgery will look like.

Eyelid tape can lift your eyelids just as well as surgery. So you can use them to see how you’ll look before you make any permanent changes to your appearance.

Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN – Eyelid Correcting Strips were made to instantly fix the appearance of hooded eyelids. Whether you want to see what you’d look like after surgery, or you’re just looking for a quick and effective solution, give them a try.



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LIDS BY DESIGN – Instant Non-Surgical Eye Lift

Eyelid skin is delicate and can lose its elasticity over time due to aging, trauma, stress, and genetics. Using LIDS BY DESIGN Cosmetic Strips, made by Contours Rx, you can create an instant Non-surgical eye lift or permanent results like plastic surgery or injectables.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, according to a recent survey (June 2020) –

57% say we are sleeping less well
67% say we slept better before the pandemic
98% of us say our sleeping habits have changed

What consequences does this have, not just for our physical and mental health but also our skin?

How does sleep deprivation affect your skin?

Can increasing amounts of sleep deprivation worsen these effects?
Can you restore your sleep debt?

Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Cosmetic Strips are a beauty product that uses a 3-step process to make a difference in your appearance. The adhesive strips use a patented design and skin-like technology to lift the upper lid and instantly give you a wide-eyed look. LIDS BY DESIGN Cosmetic Strips have been called the “Push-Up Bra” for your eyes, thanks to their ability to help you achieve results that last all day.

Instant eyelid tape creates the desirable wide-eyed, youthful appearance of upper eyelid fullness by lifting the skin from the inside of your eyelids. It is ideal for anyone who does not have excess skin but has droopy upper lids or who has experienced trauma or loss of elasticity in the skin of the eyelids.

No matter your race, age, or gender, Contours Rx can help you achieve an instant eye lift with no downtime or recovery period needed after application.

LIDS BY DESIGN works naturally with your body’s temperature to help you look instantly more refreshed. The strips lift the eyelid from the center to create a natural look that is quick and easy to use and won’t slip off throughout the day.

Contours Rx eyelid tape is ergonomically designed to contour easily around your eye for a smooth, seamless application. To use, simply place the cosmetic strip on your eyelids each morning and enjoy up to 24 hours of wear.

The simple 2-step instructions are as follows: Prepare, Place & Press.

(1) Peel and apply strips to clean, dry skin.

(2) Press and hold for approximately 10 seconds.

For best results, use daily and reapply as needed.

The strips are made of 100% medical-grade materials that are cruelty-free and can be worn up to 25 times. They may feel a little tacky after application, but the feeling goes away after about 5 minutes. Contours Rx Instant Eyelid Lift Tape retails for $40 and can be purchased at

The skin-friendly material is medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex-free and can be worn up to 24 hours at a time. And just as a reminder, these eyelid strips are not a permanent solution for those looking for a long-term fix for sagging upper lids. Once you’ve used the strips for about two weeks, you’ll likely have reached your desired results. The great thing about LIDS BY DESIGN Cosmetic Strips is that they’re completely invisible, so no one will know you are wearing them.

For more information on Contours Rx Instant Eyelid Lift Tape, view our products here:

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Hooded Eyelids – Causes of Hooded Eyes

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from eye shape, differences lie in the way the upper eyelid behaves. Some people have smooth eyelids that don’t have much creasing, but most people have excess skin that folds down over the eyelid so much it lays against the lash line. This is known as hooded eyelids, which are a common feature among people regardless of age.

While many starts to see their eyelids become heavier with age, hooded eyelids can also be a genetic trait that has been with them most of their lives. In either case, aging of the skin does tend to produce heavier hooding as the skin becomes thinner over time. Hooded eyelids are not always a cosmetic concern but can also make it difficult to see!

Causes of hooded eyelids


Hooded eyelids are caused by different factors like aging, genetics, or underlying fat and muscle.

Our skin tends to lose elasticity and begins to fall as we age, but the effect is more evident on the face, especially around the eyes. This leads to a noticeable droop around the eyes, appearing hooded.

Besides aging and hereditary traits, other factors that contribute to hooded eyelids include:

Fatty tissue deposits, causing the upper or lower eyelids to appear puffy
Muscle weakness that opens the eye, known as Ptosis
Excess skin around eyes causing wrinkles and bags under the eyes
Why do more people want to treat or lift hooded eyelids?

Women and men are increasingly looking for solutions to hooded eyelids because they feel their hooded eyes make them look tired and aged. Most people have gotten frustrated with makeup applications and have realized they are difficult to hide. Though there are make-up tricks to make the hooded eyes look less hooded, many find it daunting when the mascara or eyeliner leaves a print on the brow bone, or the eyeshadow disappears into folds. In extreme cases, hooded eyelids have fallen so much that some find it difficult to see clearly when driving or reading.

So, how to treat hooded eyelids?

Many surgical, as well as non-surgical treatments, are available to treat hooded eyelids. However, there is an immediate, safe, and effective solution to lift your hooded eyelids with no surgery through the use of eyelid correcting strips.

Eyelid Tape or correcting strips help lift your hooded eyelids by supporting the excess skin up and back into the crease of the eyelid rather than it falling forward.

Contours Rx has created an invisible eyelid correcting strip that supports the eyelid for up to 24 hours, called LIDS BY DESIGN. LIDS BY DESIGN has perfected the instant, non-invasive solution for hooded eyelids. LIDS BY DESIGN are dermatologist-tested and made from the highest-quality organic and medical-grade materials, which means that they are latex-free and hypoallergenic

LIDS BY DESIGN helps transform the shape of your eyelid in seconds so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance. LIDS BY DESIGN also offers a variety of sizes so you can find the best fit for your unique eye shape and hooding concerns

While hooded eyelid surgery costs thousands of dollars and eyelid creams aren’t recommended as a standalone treatment, LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid correcting strips are the best non-surgical solution to lift your hooded eyelids instantly!

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Eyelid Tape For Ptosis: The Best Non-Surgical Eye Lifting Treatment

Droopy sagging eyelids don’t just make you look tired, they can make you feel tired and older than you really are. Anyone affected by ptosis can tell you they’re tired of looking tired. Hopefully, they’ll also tell you that you can fix ptosis.

There are multiple solutions to ptosis. But eyelid tape is hands down the best way to fix it without surgery.

But how does it work, and which eyelid tape brand is the best? This post will answer both of those questions and show you why eyelid tape is the best non-surgical treatment for ptosis.

How Eyelid Tape Helps: Solutions For The Cause of Ptosis

Ptosis causes your eyelids to droop and hang over your eye. But what causes that to happen in the first place? Before seeing how eyelid tape fixes ptosis it’s important to understand what causes your eyelids to droop.

The Causes of Ptosis

Ptosis can be caused by a few different things both natural and unnatural. The unnatural causes involve some kind of accident that damages the muscles, skin, or nerves around the eyelid.

Children can also naturally be affected by ptosis, even at the time of their birth. But the most common natural cause of ptosis is aging.

Over time the muscle that lifts the eyelid – called the levator muscle – can weaken. This causes the eyelid to droop over the eye, and in some cases even obscure vision. Sagging skin due to age may also contribute to the drooping effect of ptosis.

How Eyelid Tape Beautifully Lifts Drooping Eyelids

Eyelid tape compensates for weakened levator muscles. By using adhesive material it lifts the eyelid and any sagging skin around it.

Eyelid tape comes in small convenient strips. By placing the strip at the area where your eyelid folds over you can lift your eyelids. This gives your eyes a more youthful and open appearance.

The change they make to your appearance is drastic. Eyelid tape makes a big difference for people affected by ptosis.

Some people, who’ve used Contours Rx eyelid tape to fix their own droopy eyelids, were happy enough with their results to share their stories.

“I have super droopy eyelids but I am allergic to latex and adhesives. I decided to give this product a try and I could not be happier!!! No reaction and my eyes look at least 20 years younger! Thanks, Contours Rx”

– Crystal Withrow

“I can’t believe how well these work. I have no trouble putting them on. My lids have gotten so loose and droopy they are uncomfortable pressing down and blocking my peripheral vision on top to the point that I have been bumping my head. I thought eyelid surgery was looming in my future, but these are comfortable and my eyes look so natural.”

– Karin Merill

Reading other people’s success stories is helpful. But when it comes to using eyelid tape, you can see the results for yourself.

Contours Rx Eyelid Tape Are Designed to Fix Ptosis

There are a few brands of eyelid tape on the market. It can be difficult to decide which brand will fix your ptosis the best. Britain Todd, the founder of Contours Rx, had a similar problem when she was looking for eyelid tape to fix her own eyelids.

After trying some of the most popular brands of eyelid tape, she found out that they had some big problems. They either didn’t last all day and fell out, or they were made of cheap materials that irritated her skin.

Eyelid tapes have been around for a long time. But they’ve mostly been used by an Asian audience to change the appearance of monoids. So a lot of Asian eyelid tape brands are not designed to effectively fix ptosis.

Other popular brands of eyelid tape geared towards a more western audience fall short by using cheap and non-hypoallergenic materials.

This may not seem like a big deal if you’re not allergic to things like latex. But being that you wear eyelid strips for hours at a time, or all day, it’s important that you use good quality materials. Bad quality materials make eyelid strips less comfortable, and can irritate your skin.

With all these problems in mind Britain and her team worked to make their own eyelid tape. One that would fix these issues, and help with ptosis. After investing tons of time and energy into finding the right materials and design, they came out with: LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips.

The Benefits of Contours Rx Eyelid Tape LIDS BY DESIGN
It’s never been easier to fix ptosis. Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips are specifically designed to lift drooping eyelids caused by ptosis.

No more drooping eyelids! They give your eyes a vibrant youthful appearance. They’re comfortable too. The materials are a rare combination of hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved. They also blend in with your skin so they’re unnoticeable when you put them on.

LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips are:

- comfortable to wear
- last all-day
- won’t irritate your skin like other brands,
- blend into your skin, so they’re unnoticeable

Try Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Tape

No one should have to look more tired than they feel. It’s not your fault if your eyelids are drooping, so don’t put up with ptosis. Eyelid tape is a great solution to instantly fix drooping eyelids – without surgery.

Try Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips to fix your ptosis, and see how many years they can take off for you.

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If you found this article helpful, feel free to visit our site for more helpful articles like this one.

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Why I Love the Underrated Cat’s Tongue Brush

Have you ever used a Cat’s Tongue brush? I use them all the time and they are my absolute favorite brush type for painting watercolors. When I started painting, no one ever talked about it. The clear front runners were angular brushes, round brushes, flat brushes, and even liner brushes. But never the Cat’s Tongue brush and that is by far my top pick. If you find a good one, it is like the Swiss army knife of watercolor brushes.

I often paint an entire painting with just one Cat’s Tongue brush. This brush is unique because of its triangular shape and when you get a good one, the point will be springy so you can get thick and thin lines like a round brush can. When I painted this mermaid, I was able to paint the tail with straight edges from the sides, like a flat brush.I squeezed into the details of the fin and the arms with the point. Medium lines for the seaweed were achieved with the medium lines from the edge.

You can also get big washes for large areas with a flat side. When I painted the mermaid’s tail, I used the flat side of the brush and moved in a zigzag motion to cover this area. I also used it this way for the background. Covering the dry paper with water first, I then took a dark mixture and put it in the outer area with the flat side, using different techniques to pull the water and change the values accordingly.

Depending on the size of this style of brush (they come as small as a 2 and as big as a 12), the bellies aren’t the biggest but they can hold a nice amount of water. When I started, I admit I bought too many brushes and had no idea what I was doing. All types; real hair, synthetic, and mixes of the two. All different shapes and sizes. I really should have slowed down and focused on one brush at a time. For beginners with a tight budget, this is the first brush I would recommend because it is so versatile.

I used the no. 4 2400 Golden Taklon Cat’s Tongue brush and it is synthetic. If you haven’t tried this style, I highly recommend you do!


Cat tongue brush

ZEM Brush Ambassador Erika Barriga is a freelance watercolor illustrator. Her beautiful pieces are whimsical and playful, perfect for kids and kids at heart. She has given us a little peek behind the scenes at her process, from pencil drawing to the final illustration. Her favorite ZEM brush is the no. 4 2400 Golden Taklon Cat’s Tongue brush.

This post was originally posted on:

Cat Tongue Brush Related Products:

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How To Easily Fix Asymmetrical Eyes Without Surgery

When you look at someone’s face what do you naturally focus on? Their eyes. That’s why asymmetrical eyes have such a big effect on someone’s appearance.

The good news is you can fix uneven-looking eyes. If you’re concerned about the risks or cost of surgery, then there’s even more good news.

You can even fix asymmetrical uneven looking eyes without surgery.

This post will show you how. There are two ways to easily and dramatically improve the appearance of asymmetrical or droopy eyelids without surgery. You’ll also get some more info on surgical solutions, so you can be in the know about the risks involved.

But before getting into how to fix asymmetrical eyes, it’s helpful to know what causes eyes to look uneven in the first place.

Why Do My Eyes Look Uneven?: Common Causes of Asymmetrical Eyes

It’s true that facial asymmetry is perfectly normal, but some people develop more noticeable differences between their eyes than the average person. There are a variety of causes for these differences. Some are natural, and others are due to medical conditions. Aging is one of the most common causes of uneven eyes.

Aging Can Cause Asymmetrical Uneven Eyes

As people age, it becomes more likely that they’ll develop uneven eyes. According to a study of facial symmetry published in The National Library of Medicine, as people, age facial asymmetry tends to increase.

The reasons for this could be due to the soft tissues in the face changing shape over time. Another contributing factor may be the asymmetrical growth of the skeleton as old bone tissue is naturally replaced by new bone tissue. The changing elasticity of the skin as you age may also contribute to an uneven appearance.

Eyelids also tend to droop when you get older. The muscle supporting eyelids can weaken over time. This causes them to sag and can make eyes look uneven.

Genetics Can Cause Asymmetrical Eyes

Most people are born without perfect facial symmetry. Genetics is a natural cause for uneven eyes. Genetically uneven eyebrows or the shape of someone’s nose may also contribute to the appearance of asymmetrical eyes.

Genetically uneven eyes are not a cause for concern. They are common and generally don’t interfere with anyone’s health. Most genetically uneven eyes aren’t very noticeable. Especially compared to uneven eyes caused by more serious medical conditions.

Medical Conditions Can Cause Asymmetrical Eyes

A variety of medical conditions from physical trauma to disease can cause eyes to become asymmetrical.

Some common medical causes include:


This condition causes the eye to appear sunken. Eyelids may also look retracted. It’s not unusual for people with enophthalmos to have noticeably uneven eyes.


People affected by ptosis have eyelids that look droopy. It can affect one or both eyelids. It’s more common in older people, and generally isn’t a cause for concern. But ptosis can be dangerous if the eyelid droops enough to block someone’s vision.


Proptosis causes the eye to protrude forward. It gives the appearance of eyes that are bulging. This condition may also come with more serious symptoms of pain, and pulsing of the affected eye.

Bell’s Palsy

This condition only affects one side of the face. It causes the affected side to become paralyzed. This affects the eye causing it to droop along with the mouth.

How to Fix Asymmetrical Eyes Without Surgery

There are a few viable solutions to fixing asymmetrical eyes without surgery. These methods, while temporary, are effective. With them, you can give your eyes the appearance of being even and symmetrical.

These methods can be reapplied as often as needed. You can use them on a daily basis, or as needed for special occasions.

The first, and most effective, way to make your eyes look even without surgery is Eyelid Tape.

Eyelid Tape

Think of eyelid tape like one-a-day contact lenses. They’re invisible and once you put them on you can wear them all day. After putting them on you’ll instantly see the difference.

Eyelid tape works by lifting skin sagging over your eyelid. You can use them to lift one or both of your eyes to give them a more symmetrical and youthful appearance.

It’s much more immediately cost-effective and safe than surgery. It also gives you all the same benefits. If the eyelid tape is well made it should also be comfortable to wear too.

The Lids By Design Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips from Contours RX is an eyelid tape that only uses high-quality materials. They’re lab-tested and latex-free to make sure they’re safe and as comfortable as possible.

They’re also available in multiple sizes. This gives you a lot of control over how much you lift each eyelid. It can be difficult to match the appearance of one eye to the other. So having control over how much to lift each eyelid helps.

After trying Lids By Design Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips for yourself it’s easy to see that they’re effective. We’ve even seen some people use their Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips to fool surgeons.

One of our customers Kristen told us this funny story about her experience. “After being turned down for surgery due to my hooded lids, I tried Lids By Design. Well, the joke was on the surgeon, because the next time I saw him he actually said, ‘Oh you had your lids done by someone else. Wow, they look great!’ Fooled him, and got to skip the ordeal of surgery.”

You can see eyelid tape by itself is enough to correct asymmetrical eyes and improve their appearance. But if you want to try another non-surgical method, makeup can also help.


By applying makeup to certain areas of the eyelids you can create the illusion of symmetry.

This method is not as effective, because you’re not physically altering the eyes or eyelids in any way, but it can help make a difference in your appearance.

Eyeliner and eye shadow can be used to change the appearance of your eyes. By applying makeup unevenly on one eye you can change its appearance. This creates the illusion that the eyes are more even. Styling your eyelashes can also make one eye appear larger or more open.

Makeup used in a combination with eyelid tape can be a great way to drastically improve the appearance of your eyes and make them look even. Although eyelid tape is usually enough.

Of course, makeup is temporary. There are other more permanent solutions to fix eye asymmetry, but they come with a high cost and more risks.

Pros and Cons of The Surgical Procedure Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to make the eyes look even by fixing baggy, droopy, or uneven eyelids. It’s a voluntary cosmetic procedure done primarily to improve someone’s appearance. In some cases, it might also be done to improve someone’s vision.

The surgery itself involves cutting along the fold of one part of the eyelid. Then removing sagging skin, muscle, or fat from the eyelid area of the face. The cut is then closed. Then another cut is made on another part of the eyelid. Fat, excess skin or muscle can then be redistributed to this other part of the eyelid.

Surgery is always a serious consideration. There’s the cost, the risk, and the thought of permanently changing your appearance. It’s a lot to take in.

If you’re nervous about not knowing how you would look after surgery, you can use Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips. Using them will show you what you could look like after the procedure without getting it.

For other concerns you might have, the pros and cons listed below should help you make a more informed decision.

Pros of Blepharoplasty

Shorter Recovery Time Compared to Most Procedures

Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, the recovery time for Blepharoplasty isn’t very long. After the procedure, you can leave the facilities that day, and recover at home.

There are some temporary discomforts you may experience like bruising, swelling, light sensitivity, blurred vision, or watery eyes. You also won’t be able to wear contact lenses or do any strenuous work for about 2 weeks.

But during the recovery period, you won’t be completely incapacitated, or need to completely cover your eyes with bandages.

The Results Are Long Lasting

Once the surgical procedure is complete the results can be permanent. According to Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical organization for medical professionals, “For some people, results of surgery may last a lifetime. For others, droopy eyelids may recur.”

In either case, the results are long-lasting. But there are some risks that should still be considered.

Cons of Blepharoplasty

Some negative aspects and risks of blepharoplasty are common to surgeries in general, but some are specific to that procedure. Before considering surgery you should know the risks.

The Cost

Surgery is not cheap and blepharoplasty is no exception. According to a study performed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the cost of blepharoplasty in 2017 was about $3,026 on average.

This doesn’t include hospital fees, and the cost of any time or equipment needed for recovery. It’s also important to remember that many insurances don’t cover aesthetic procedures.

Blepharoplasty is a primarily cosmetic procedure, so you’ll likely be paying for it out of pocket.

Lengthy and Complicated Preparation For Surgery

As with any surgery you want to go through a strict vetting process to make sure the surgeon is capable and experienced. This could mean weeks or months of consultation visits and research, just to find someone you feel comfortable with.

Once you do choose a surgeon you’ll need to undergo many appointments and exams in preparation for the surgery.

You’ll have to undergo an initial consultation, a physical exam with extensive eye measurements, vision tests, tear tests, and finally, pictures will need to be taken of your eyes.

There are multiple steps to complete in the process that could take longer than expected. Additionally, you may need to do a follow-up surgery if complications occur.

Risks of Potentially Permanent Damage

Every surgery comes with risks of things like infection, reactions to anesthesia, and blood clots. But blepharoplasty comes with a few more specific risks that you should be aware of.

According to Mayo Clinic, the risks of blepharoplasty include:

Infection and bleeding
Dry, irritated eyes
Difficulty closing your eyes or other eyelid problems
Noticeable scarring
Injury to eye muscles
Skin discoloration
The need for a follow-up surgery
Temporarily blurred vision or, rarely, loss of eyesight
Some of these risks such as scarring and skin discoloration involve permanent changes to your appearance. Other more serious risks could even permanently impair your vision. Although these risks can be rare it’s important to be aware of them.


There are a lot of different ways to fix uneven eyes. Surgery isn’t the only option. Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips are an effective way to quickly and drastically fix asymmetrical eyes. Using makeup is an also option, and can even be used with Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips.

If you’ve been looking for a way to fix asymmetrical eyes check out Lids By Design Instant Eyelid Correcting Strips. They last all day and blend in perfectly with your skin. Try them for yourself to see what they can do for you.

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What are the Benefits of Learning CPR Online?

Did you know that the chance of survival for cardiac arrest victims has gone up by 200%? A renowned organization has stated this in its report, provided that CPR should be administered within the initial two minutes of the attack.

More and more people are realizing the importance of learning CPR, and CPR certification is becoming increasingly popular. Learning how to perform CPR in a traditional classroom setting is beneficial. However, with the current scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic and people being left with very little time, learning CPR online is the quickest and surest way of learning these skills.

Also, the good news is that the CPR certification has been made available online for your convenience. Several reputed organizations offer online CPR classes that will help you become a certified cardiovascular resuscitator.

Let’s jump into the benefits of online CPR classes!

Here, we help you with some top advantages of online CPR training.

Varied CPR Certification Courses

You can find varied CPR certification courses available online, right from Basic CPR classes, First-aid Certification to advanced Adult CPR/AED training, Pediatric CPR classes, BLS CPR for Healthcare providers, CPR & First-aid Adult-Child-Infant, Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, and more.

You can choose the CPR course that best fits your requirements and adds value to your current or future employment.

Class Length

Online CPR classes are shorter that will only take a few hours of your time to learn. Approximately, it takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours based on the type of CPR course you choose. Besides, the classes are tailor-made to suit individuals’ requirements and you can study at your own pace.

Another interesting point is that some classes are set up in a hybrid style that allows you to take 80% of the course online and the remaining 20% could be done hands-on and in-person for practical knowledge and experience. This gives you the advantage of taking a large portion of the course anywhere and anytime you want.

Standardized Curriculum

The online courses maintain a standardized curriculum and guidelines as set by the American Heart Association. The modules are interactive and you can retake them if you feel like you haven’t completely grasped the information.


One of the biggest benefits of attending a CPR course online is that you’ll have the flexibility to take the course anytime you want, either in the morning, evening or even during weekends whenever you have free time. Just get connected to the internet on your smartphone or laptop, and you are good to go.

Self-paced Learning

Most online CPR courses are tailor-made that let you learn at your own pace without feeling dragged behind by anyone. Self-paced learning allows you to access materials at your speed, which means you can focus on things you find challenging and breeze past things that you already know. This promotes greater efficiency and minimizes wasted time.


Online CPR certification provides you the convenience to take the classes from anywhere and be certified without being physically present in the classes.

Easy & Unlimited Access

Online classes help you have easy and unlimited access to resources. You can revisit the modules if you need a refresher or for revision. Moreover, the learning centers help you choose the right material for your course with extensive resources available online.


Online CPR certification courses are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending more. Also, some organizations let you take multiple testing attempts free of cost.

AHA Recognized

Most organizations that offer CPR or First-Aid certification courses online are AHA-recognized. However, make sure the course you sign up for is recognized by the American Heart Association and accepted by your employer.

Being aware that online CPR certification classes are beneficial, it is essential to consider a few important points before choosing a CPR class online. Read on.

While choosing a CPR course online, make sure it meets your specific requirements, relates to your job, or for specific medical conditions for which the risk of cardiac arrest is high. In addition, pay attention to the below things in advance of enrollment.

In the first place, check if the institution you choose to enroll for a CPR certification is AHA recognized and accepted by your employer.
Check if it is an accredited organization that follows the guidelines set up by AHA. The curriculum or training materials should meet the standards followed by ARC or AHA.

Verify if the instructors are certified or trained with the perfect track record of their certifications being accepted by reputed organizations.
Have a look at the varied CPR courses offered, and the course you consider signing up for meets your requirements and is valuable.
Go through the teaching modules and instructional tools they use for the training and make sure everything falls in place to become efficiently certified.

Last but not least, consult if the fee is affordable and meets your budget.
To sum up, do thorough research and background check to get trained as a professional cardiovascular resuscitator.

Final Word

Learning CPR makes a difference between the life and death of a person in need. With online CPR Certification classes, you can become certified at the pace of your convenience and at less time and price. An online and AHA-approved CPR certification course would be the ideal choice if you are planning to learn CPR at your convenience.

First Aid Training Online:

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Comparison of Top Eyelid Tape Brands with Contours Rx

Our world is so full of option and choice, it can be difficult to know when you are getting the best of something. From hair care and body care to makeup, companies that may have similar products are not always created equal. In the last fews years, instant eyelid tape has become more and more popular. From Asian eyelid tapes to more medical-grade eyelid tapes, the options run along a spectrum of cost and quality; but are you always getting the most bang for your buck?We decided to try all of the top eyelid tape correction brands, including our own, to see what stood out the most.

Top Eyelid Brands

1. Asian Eyelid Tapes

Asian eyelid tapes have been around for a long time, and were made quite popular in China and Korea to give users with monolids a more Westernized eyelid. Because of their more playful use in the culture, these eyelid tapes are made with cheaper materials and glues, which cost very little to the customer. Therefore, these tapes are not latex-free, hypoallergenic, or medical-grade.

I applied this eyelid tape using my fingers, as instructed, and used the tool to press it into my eyelid. Because I already have a more Western eyelid shape, the results that were achieved were minimal. These tapes were more visible on the eyelid because they had little pores on the surface, which ultimately didn’t end up blending with my skin tone. This brand lasted 2 hours before they began to fall off.


MAGICSTRIPES have become a very popular eyelid beauty tape in the US, and is easily available on Amazon and other beauty websites. MAGICSTRIPES does not claim to be hypoallergenic, latex-free, or medical-grade and comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

I removed the medium tapes using my fingers, as per the instructions, and placed it on my eyelid. Once again, I found that the tape was noticeable on the eyelid although it did provide a lift. I also noticed that by using my fingers, I had damaged the corners while removing the tapes, which made them more noticeable. MAGICSTRIPES lasted 4 hours before beginning to fall off.

Something interesting and unexpected we discovered is the incredible similarity between a version of the Asian tape we purchased and the MAGICSTRIPES product. The only difference we could detect was that MAGICSTRIPES provided 32 strips for $26.00 and the Asian-packaged equivalent provided 120 strips for $3.96.

3. LIDS BY DESIGN, from Contours Rx

LIDS BY DESIGN stands out as the only eyelid tape on the market to be latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made from medical-grade materials. Their patented eyelid tape designs are unique to this company, their tapes are made in Germany, and they offer 6 unique sizes: from 3mm-8mm. Each box contains 80 strips.

I placed a 5mm tape on my eyelid using the tweezers provided in the kit. The tape easily blended into the skin tone, noticeably better than the other brands, and evenly contoured my eyelid. These eyelid tapes lasted all day on my eyelids until they were removed.

4. Eye Magic

Eye Magic is the last brand we tested. This brand states they are hypoallergenic and medical-grade but are not latex-free. This product is different in that there is an emollient gel that you are instructed to place on the tape before using it because the tape is too sticky to be placed directly on the eye safely. The company does not state how many tapes are in each box, but it appears to be about 60. This product is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

I used my finger to put the emollient gel on the tape and then placed the tape on my eyelid. The gel created a wet sensation on my eyelid that remained for quite some time. The eyelid tape went on fairly smoothly but did not stick for very long on account of the gel, so it began to fall off after 1 hour. I tried the tape without the gel and as the company states, the strong adhesive makes it difficult to remove and does irritate the skin.

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How to Easily Fix Asymmetrical Eyes – Without Surgery

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The Importance of Getting CPR or First-Aid Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, most commonly known as CPR, is a life-saving skill that empowers you to become a hero to someone in medical emergencies like cardiac arrest, choking, or drowning.

As CPR helps keep blood and oxygen flowing and increase the chances of a victim’s survival, learning first-aid and basic life-saving techniques becomes crucial.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn CPR and first aid.

Save Lives

The primary reason to learn professional CPR is that you could save someone’s life. Approximately 600,000 people die each year due to sudden heart attacks. Performing CPR properly and promptly will help preserve the victim’s brain function during cardiac arrest, increasing the person’s chances of survival.

Prevent Brain Death

Performing CPR will even prevent the brain death of an individual. Brain death usually occurs in four to six minutes after the heart stops breathing. If CPR is given within the first two minutes of a heart attack, the person could be saved as it keeps blood flowing and supplies oxygen to the brain.

Prevent Worsening Situations

If first aid care is not given during critical health conditions, the person’s health may deteriorate. With proper training in first aid or CPR, you will be able to stabilize the patient’s condition and prevent the worsening situation until the medical service arrives.

Gain Practical Knowledge

CPR training will equip you with the practical knowledge and tools that you require during medical emergencies. Knowing basic life-saving techniques could make you a lifesaver instead of being a bystander.

Be More Valuable

Getting trained in first aid and basic life support (BLS CPR certification online) will make you more valuable in the community, workplace, or even at your home. The more you get trained, the better are your chances of helping someone save their lives as quickly as possible.

And you never know, a situation may arise where your CPR training will save your loved ones, too!

In addition to these, CPR training provides you the confidence to make the right decision in case of a cardiac emergency or other critical health conditions. You can help patients stay calm and comfortable until medical help arrives.

Become a Part of the Solution

According to an online resource for emergency medical services, only less than 3% of the US population enrolls in CPR training. Every minute that passes with no first aid or CPR, the victim’s chances of survival are decreased. Getting CPR certified can help you save people and make a difference in their lives.

There are varied CPR Certification courses available online as well as offline, and these programs wouldn’t take much of your time. It generally takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the course you choose. Sign up for a CPR certification or first-aid course today and join the 3 percent!

Check out Other Sources:

CPR BLS Certification

CPR Certification San Antonio

First Aid Class Near Me

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Non- Surgical Eyelift – Alternative Treatments for Droopy Eyelids in 2020

What is the difference between Surgical and Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

An eye lift is a blanket term that can refer to several different procedures, that can either be surgical or non-surgical. The most common non-surgical procedures are eyelid lifts and brow lifts. As you can expect, an eyelid lift refers to the treatment of the entire eyelid region while non-surgical brow lifts focus only on the eyebrows.

It’s simple, a non-surgical eye lift is a procedure that enhances the appearance of your eyes giving you a ‘lifted’ look to your eyes without having to go under the knife. The other option is referred to as Blepharoplasty. This is a procedure where a surgeon will cut the excess skin off of the upper or lower eye area.

Precautions to be taken before surgery

It is important to remember that this is an invasive procedure that is risky and involves several medical injections and may not be right for you. Side effects like bleeding, soreness, numbness, and swelling and even dry eye syndrome from cutting to much off. Surgical eye lifts are not recommended for people who have unsuccessfully tried other wrinkle reduction treatments, pregnant and nursing women, elderly patients, or people under the age of 18. If you take certain medications like blood thinners, you could be at a higher risk and surgery may not be an option.

Looking to lift the eye area without surgery? Let’s look at the options…

The botulinum toxin injections (also known as Botox) can help lift your brow without surgery. Simply put, Botox injections block the signals in your brain that pulls the muscles in your eyebrows down. This will help smooth the skin around the forehead and could give your eyes an elevated arch. The Botox injection injections last between 3 and 4 months.

However, it is important to know that by relaxing the muscles in an attempt to lift the brow there is a risk that this can cause a heavier brow resulting in heavy hooded eyelids.

Non-Surgical Eye Lifts for Hooded Eyes & Saggy Eyelids?

For most people, saggy eyelids can be a problem that can make you look tired and aged.There are plenty of products on the market that claim to ‘tighten’ the skin around your eyelids and give you a sharper appearance. These products are expensive and promise results while waiting for months in hopes of seeing a difference.

Non-surgical eye lifts can also be used to address asymmetrical eyes, especially when one eyelid droops more than the other. The same non-surgical eye lift procedures can be used to make your eyes look more even and uniform. Botox procedures can also be used to treat the wrinkles in between your eyebrows, also known as glabellar lines.

A non-surgical eye lift is one of the most promising ways to enhance your appearance without dealing with the many complications of surgery. The non-surgical alternative for lifting the eye doesn’t take long and won’t leave any marks or scars like surgeries.

This non-invasive solution takes just seconds and gives you the desired results immediately. No down time and no waiting for results. This makes non-surgical eyelid and brow lifting a quick and cost-efficient alternative for anybody looking to enhance their looks and lift heavy hooded eyelid safely, easily, and instantly.

So, is there a product that can do all of this?

Yes, Contours Rx brings its revolutionary product ‘Lids by Design’ to help you in this endeavor. Contours Rx provides safe, simple, instant solutions to lift and redesign the shape of saggy eyelids for a new, brighter, more youthful appearance.

With the assurance of top-notch quality and German manufacturing, this medical-grade, hypoallergenic correcting strips uses a patented design and skin-like technology and is latex-free, so you can find comfort in knowing that your eyes will stay bright, wide, and open!

Eyelid tape helps give your eyes more definition by supporting the excess skin that has loosened on your eyelids. It’s a simple solution that works instantly and even though this is temporary, it’s non-invasive and a great alternative to surgery. Surgical procedures may work better for a longer result however this requires cutting the excess skin off and can be extremely expensive.

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