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12/01/2007 15:16 #42355

Category: pups
My brother got a yellow lab puppy. His name is Jackson. He is the cutest!




I just thought everybody might need a pick-me-up.

theecarey - 12/11/07 01:11
I'm in gushy agreement with (e:tinypliny) and (e:james)

cute beyond intelligible words.

oh crap, here is comes..


tinypliny - 12/01/07 22:19

(but I am afraid I might kill it with my irresponsible way, so I am going to content myself by just staring at these ZOMG CUTE PHOTOS!)
janelle - 12/01/07 16:13
I want, I want, I want one!!!
james - 12/01/07 15:27
I am using every ounce of self control to keep from starting a sentence with "ZOMG!!! SO CUTEZ!!!@!!!!"
jim - 12/01/07 15:20

11/27/2007 22:07 #42311

$000 0/10
Category: biking
(Sign seen on a fellow biker's courier bag today. Ha!)
twisted - 11/28/07 22:46
It was more of a visual. You had to be there ...
jbeatty - 11/28/07 22:38
It's funny, I'm just thick.
twisted - 11/28/07 22:25
It's the price per/gallon to fuel a bicycle. Sorry, I thought it was funny. Wrong audience I guess.
jbeatty - 11/28/07 21:11
Not to be one to ruin something witty, but I must be missing something?

11/14/2007 22:11 #42127

bombs going off in my head
Category: music
Full post might come later. But probably not.

My friend Larry has a photo exhibit coming up in Chicago. If you're in the neighborhood, you should check it out!


Damn, he's been to some amazing shows! Of course, he has a few years on me, and had the good sense to move to SF in the 70s. Which wasn't an option for me.

We saw Of Montreal last night at GAMH. What a fucking great show! Shades of Brian Eno and Oingo Boingo (although you totally don't have to get that to get them). Thanks to (e:Jason) for being the first to clue me into OM, or I might have passed. Indie, Outie, Black, White, Purple. I don't pay that much attention to what "type" of music it is any more. Oh sure, there was a day I thought anything post 80s was crap. Those days are gone. There's still crap, but I'm blown away by some of what's out there. I'm just glad I got to rediscover it.

Tonight is SWR at the Fillmore. Yeah, I've seen them a million times. I could pass this time, but Larry is into their new album (which I didn't even know about), so I'm ready to give them a listen. Plus, we're grabbing sushi in J'town beforehand. What more do you want? ;-)

joshua - 11/15/07 09:19
I'm so jealous that you have access to great shows all the time. God hates Buffalo imo.
jenks - 11/15/07 00:09
I like them, but I think I like maritime even more. And they're on tour too- you should check 'em out if they come there. :)
james - 11/14/07 22:21
I love both Brian Eno and Oingo Boingo. I will check them out as soon as possible.

10/27/2007 00:00 #41827

Scenes from an art de-installation
My life has been chock-full of coincidences lately. When I started working downtown, I decided to have lunch with Mark's Burning Man sculptures. Took a pic while I was at it.


A few weeks later (looks like they're going to keep me, btw), I felt compelled to bring the camera to work again. That day they brought in a crane and a flatbed trailer to haul the sculptures away. I shot a few pics again. It was sad.


I love commuting by bike. That phrase cannot even come close to describing the experience . . . Maybe I'll try to describe it later.

10/19/2007 22:34 #41720

live 4 2day
weird week, in more ways than I can say here.

First, some scenes from a housewarming party:

Kitchen sink. Might as well make it scenic, unless you're oh so cynic?

My new neighbor/building-mate helped me hang my murals at 7am the day of the party.


Proof I can still out-drink someone!

The next day, my boss at Autodesk left the company abruptly. Hopefully they'll want to keep me around for a while longer, so I can make enough $ to pay my property taxes?

ps -- I wish I could show you this fabulous color of Cons I want to buy, but they are hard to pin down. I still have $40 credit to spend. No time like the present . . .

jenks - 10/20/07 14:08
ooh, nice orchids! and I like the murals! We need final updated house pix!
metalpeter - 10/20/07 10:16
Glad you have the murals up they look pretty cool. That picture of the baby sleeping with all the stuff around is funny. That being said that is something that is very safe but looks like the kid is in danger, all he has to do is wake up an find stuff in the purse with out mommy there. But it is still a funny picture.
kookcity2000 - 10/20/07 01:01
hey! I used Autodesk at the juice factory to print out stuff.

All I remember is it was a free download and it worked with the plotters untill they installed pro-e on my shizz.

Anyways, with name brand recognition like that, I hope they're dealin you big bank.