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09/26/2007 16:55 #41344

Category: work
So, my 3-5 week part-time contract with Autodesk has already been extended to 11 weeks full-time, and I haven't even started yet. Sweet! Maybe now is a good time to ask for a raise, haha.

Hopefully my background check will come up clean. As long as they don't find my secret blog I should be ok. ;)
mike - 09/27/07 12:48
you have a little asian girl on display in your office? sounds illegal
paul - 09/26/07 22:02
Congratulations! --Thanks for the package. I put the little asian girl in my trinket treasure box display case on my mantel in the office.

09/24/2007 02:21 #41282

In The Future When All's Well
Category: music
That was the best freakin' 65 bucks I've spent all year!

All is forgiven.



p.s. -- I think the same artist must have done the Editors poster.


09/23/2007 19:28 #41274

Make up date
Tonight is my "make up date" with Steven Patrick, almost three years to the day (September 19, 2004) since he stood me and thousands of other adoring fans up due to alleged illness.

This better be good.

09/09/2007 22:32 #41024

behind the scenes
a little more up close and personal . . .

09/05/2007 18:33 #40954

BM 2007
Category: video
Probably the most obvious reason why I don't have a real job is because here I am posting about various topics only of interest to me instead of looking for one. But what the hell.

So, my ex hasn't returned from Burning Man yet, and no word from him. That's not necessarily ominous, since he didn't have a ride back, which means he probably got recruited to help with the clean-up of his theme camp's art installation. Although I don't know how much would be left to clean up from the 1,000-foot fireball of an exploding oil derrick.

Yeah, that looks like a mess. But cool! And maybe a little dangerous? It's not like they can test these things in advance. But I guess that's all part of the experience . . .

In other news, my building-mate did return from Burning Man intact. Thank God! Since the plan I had for his cat to fullfill his financial obligations by co-writing a "Fung Shui for your Cat" book with me has already been done. I'm always behind the curve.

Anyway, as long as I'm posting Youtube videos, I think it's high time you met him. He's the one on the left, and his twin brother is on the right.

Oh, and he didn't actually run into Mark at BM as reported in (e:twisted,40896), he was just kidding about that. Guess that's what I get for owning a building with a comedian, haha.

p.s. -- don't I get a bronze medal for "peep most likely to go bankrupt due to estrip-dependency"? Or maybe that's too long for an honorary title, haha.
metalpeter - 09/05/07 19:26
I don't run the site but I say why not. However there is a bigger problem as to why you can't get the bronze Medal The Silver and Gold Medalists must be determined first. What if you got the bronze medal and then the next two people wound up being not as good as you then you would have to send your medal back and then the former gold medalist would have to send that out to you and it sure could get awefull messy. Ok so there would just have to be a little programing done but... lost my train of thought so hope everything is going good for you out there.