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12/25/2020 18:05 #60830

COVID XMAS/ new laptop
This has been a weird covid Christmas. We can't be with family so we did a video chat gift opening with my parents, paul, terry and joe this morning. We also did one with Dave's family. After some technical difficulties getting it started up (somehow my parents were able to get the video chat to work before I did) it worked out pretty well. Yesterday we all picked up to go Christmas Eve food from my parents and Dave made Christmas day brunch food (complete with mimosa ingredients) for everyone. It worked out pretty good considering the cirucmstances.

The most shocking gift of all, I can't believe (e:Paul) got me a new laptop for Christmas! I love it! It is blue and has a big screen and is really nice! Maybe I will start posting more on (e:strip) again. I had been asking him to help me pick out a new laptop and he was not being very helpful and I was kind of annoyed but it turns out it was all worth it because he got one for me! I really can't believe it. Our old laptop we inherited from Dave's grandma when she died if that tells you how old it was. You don't usually think of computers as family heirlooms lol.

Well maybe this will be my first of regularly often written posts or maybe it is a one time thing and it will be years before you see another one, only time will tell.
paul - 12/26/20 17:38
You are welcome!

12/22/2019 22:16 #60799

I'm the top
It's been a long time but I wanted to be the most recent post. I'm the OG of the e.
joe - 12/22/19 22:24
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?

10/06/2018 23:48 #60786

This is us


10/06/2018 23:47 #60785

This is 2018


10/18/2016 21:44 #60694

Getting Rid of Clothes
I have a real hard time getting rid of clothes. One I have gained enough weight in the last few years that some are probably never going to fit again so it is time to say goodbye. But also, some things I just never wear and should get rid of. ALl my drawers in both dressers, and a big plastic tote and my closet and the shelves in my closet (and a few things in the back closet) are all full. And I like to buy stuff so I need to get rid of some to make room.

Anywho, I have such emotional attachment to clothing (and knick knacks.....and shoes....and cards....and candy....and dust........ok maybe not dust but just about everything else). I remember when I wore a shirt or pair of pants and what I did in them and I just cannot part with them. It is weird, I am not sure why but with t shirts in particular the feelings are very strong. Really what happens is they only things I can end up getting rid of are things I barely ever wore because I didn't really love them inthe first place. Some tshirts did finally get downgraded from the wear them drawer to the cram them in because I can't part with them drawer.

ANywho times two, I got rid of the most clothes I have ever probably gotten rid of at one time. well technically I did not get rid of them yet, they are in a "i'm going to get rid of them pile".

I'll share the safe for work photo of the clothes. I accidentally sent Dave a NSFW photo of the clothes I was getting rid of that he ironically opened at work... darn mirrors.

ExBuffalonian - 10/25/16 13:20
I can relate to this. I'm all about recycling, reusing, etc. so when I need to get rid of clothes, it's a little tough for me. Not so much that I think I'll miss something that much; it's more that I don't like the idea of someone else, some stranger, wearing something I used to love. Clothes are very personal for some people, I suppose.
mike - 10/19/16 23:30
haha not as suggestive as the log but more revealing
joe - 10/19/16 13:54
Post the mirror pic, get a scandal going.

It can't be worse than the pic of me on the log.