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08/15/2007 20:46 #40567

decisions, decisions
Category: volunteer
There are currently 562 [link=""]volunteer opportunities[/link] within 5 miles of my zip code.

Maybe I should start out with something easy like:

"Popcorn maker for movie days at homeless shelter"
"Pub Crawl Tour Leader" (?!!!)

Although I was thinking more along the lines of:


That sounds like a good use of time. Especially considering a gang of potential lawbreakers is even now whooping it up at the playground next to my building. (No offense, kids.)

Although, some of these other options are just so intriguing, like:

"Shamefree Blogger in San Francisco" (I'm shamefree all right, but not for lack of trying).

"Volunteer Victim for Advanced Medical Life Support Class" (Get felt-up by a stranger for charity).

But mostly I'm leaning towards a rash of postings for the Neighborhood Parks Council's new online Park Kiosk, including:

"Building a Flickr Presence on our New (DRUPAL) Web Site"
"GIS-KML-Google Earth Pro Volunteer"
"Photo-Journalism/Social Documentation"

Maybe I'll do one "fun" thing and one "socially responsible" thing. Since the juvenile delinquents of tomorrow are already at the neighborhood park, that could work out.

paul - 08/16/07 09:19
Volunteering always seems fun. Eventually though I start to feel ripped off if any of the people I am volunteering for turn out to be making money off of the endeavor. Just make sure thats not the case because I swear it makes it all really agravating. The ooportunities where you live sound really pretty fun at least.

08/06/2007 19:31 #40414

check it out!
Category: life
notice anything odd about this screen shot?


EXACTLY! Hallelujah! It finally works again! I have no idea why, but who cares.

Just in the nick of time too, since my new online banking site (I decided opening a joint account with my new TIC partner would be a good opportunity to switch my personal accounts too) doesn't like Safari. Their tech support was actually very responsive. But when I told them my text settings were not causing the problem (see gigantic navigation buttons filling the entire screen below), they told me what I knew was coming all along. The problem is I'm using a Beta version of Safari. (Or at least, that's their out.)


They suggested I use Firefox, or revert back to Safari 2. Obviously, I'd rather slit my wrists than revert back to Safari 2. So I gave Firefox another go.

Amazing. I have another lease on life. If only I could find the time to have a life...
tinypliny - 08/07/07 03:03
Yay, I am on TV... I mean screenshot!
paul - 08/06/07 21:28
I am so happy that your opacity has returned to normal!!

08/01/2007 23:18 #40348

My niece is a rock star
Category: family
At least, she looks like one.








Snap shot from the Exploratorium Roof Cam. That's my niece in the middle with her (WIKIPEDIA - Webkinz)Webkinz cat, Fluffy, on her head.

p.s. -- next time I'll know where to park my car so my estrip bumper sticker can be in the shot, haha.

twisted - 08/02/07 14:05
She loves that cat all right! And she had to take a picture of Fluffy with Pookie because they were going to miss him so much. I probably won't get a copy of that picture since she took it with her camera. But I'm making my sister send me a copy of the pictures she took when my niece was invited to tour the cockpit before the flight back. She got to turn on the AC and wear the co-pilot's hat.
iriesara - 08/02/07 11:54
First of all, you really shouldn't let a small child around that carpet! I'm surprised she didn't just get sucked right in. Secondly - did her cat & Pookie hit it off? I bet they could have some interesting offspring, eh? A perfect little dander-free kennel for Paul.
jenks - 08/02/07 10:59
are webkinz the new beanie babies?
fellyconnelly - 08/02/07 00:13
she love that cat, huh?

07/26/2007 21:56 #40264

time vs. money vs. happiness
Category: music
I am woefully losing that battle.

In a nutshell. I promised my Grinderman (aka Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) ticket for tonight to a true fan so I could see Eisley. You've never heard of them, but when I saw them the time before last, I was also short on time due to leaving for a 2 week vacation the next day. Seemed like a stupid idea to see a band instead of packing in advance of my 7am flight. BUT that show resounded in my mind for the entire trip. Certainly got my $16 worth.

Tonight I have to bike down to GAMH to pick my my ticket when doors open at 8pm and hand it over to Carolin, then backtrack to the Swedish American Hall for Eisley (show starts at 7:30!!! who the hell starts a show at 7:30? Luckily there's one opening band, but still).

So Tegan and Sara was fucking amazing. They "warned" the audience they would be playing their new album in it's entirety first, and they went straight through all 14 songs. There were a few good ones, but nothing remotely comparable to the second half of their set. Damn, they wrote some great fucking tunes.

I would tell you more about how and why I dyked out for the show, and how they played Kimya Dawson - I Will Never Forget before the show, and about running into Steve #1 [inlink]twisted,36581[/inlink] at the free Virgin in-store show, and the goddamn blood blister I got while contorting myself to chain my bike outside the store because I was in a hurry...



...but I have to get going.
tinypliny - 07/27/07 22:56
I thought it was a voting mark when I saw it first.

That must hurt like crazy. I am sorry, hope it resolves soon!
uncutsaniflush - 07/27/07 19:25
The only Eisley that I know about is/are from Texas. So I am dying to know about the Eisley that you are going to see that I don't know about. Please and Thank You.
theecarey - 07/26/07 23:15
... to be continued.. RIGHT?!

freakin cliffhangers.. haha

yeh, I've been warming up to the sounds of Tegan and Sara. I'm still on the fence.

07/24/2007 22:21 #40242

Category: craigslist