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07/11/2007 18:08 #40059

New Rave
Category: music
First things first. Saw a recipe for Wheatless Apricot Cake in an article about cooking with solar power and thought of (e:Matthew). Could taste like crap, but sounds like it's hot enough there to bake one in record time. Keep it handy for those rolling blackouts.

Re: title. Took a break from unpacking to check out the band I'm going to see tonight. Since all research eventually leads to wikipedia, I learned they are "one of the isolated acts being referred to as 'New Rave.'" Which is a helluva lot catchier than HMV's description of 'acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk' (make up your fricken' minds already).

I'm pretty intrigued. Can't wait to see them.

07/07/2007 20:30 #39994

Free, with dividends
All of my crap [inlink]twisted,36773[/inlink] arrived yesterday, and as expected, didn't all fit in my new place. I took advantage of having the storage pods for a day to stage the world's most impromptu yard sale. Did pretty well, considering.


The best part about a yard sale is meeting the people who happen to want your stuff and telling them the odd story behind it. (I don't know about your stuff, but mine all seems to have a backstory.)

Anyway, finally closed up shop and just left the "free" box outside. After a decent interval, decided I'd better bring that in too since the neighborhood already looks derelict enough without my help. Found 3 items added to the box. Don't know why I should be surprised, but thought that was funny.

Guess I'll have to go to the San Francisco Really Really Free Market this month. Somebody must want this stuff!

paul - 07/08/07 19:18
Wow, at our house that stuff would go in a second. It usually takes around 15 minutes for free stuff to be taken away, even when not labeled free. Just got to put it up on the curb.
zobar - 07/07/07 23:35
This is totally unrelated. Why do the worst automotive trends always seem to originate in the bay area?


- Z

07/06/2007 00:01 #39937

week in review
Martha's Vineyard is beautiful.



I got to bunk with my nephews for the week. Here's the fort my roommates made in our room.


Boston is also still beautiful.


p.s. -- I have your jackets now. come and get them.


06/18/2007 01:37 #39710

Category: firefox
firefox sans add-ons, cache, cookies


where's the damn veritcal hold add-on?

jenks - 06/18/07 11:11
ok well it's not psychedelic for me in firefox, either- v. But I don't use firefox that often, and thus haven't installed any add-ons or anything.
paul - 06/18/07 10:47
Twisted is using firefox on mac os x. So it would really have to be firefox to be a meaningful test.
jenks - 06/18/07 10:41
that test page to me just brings up a solid red box that says 'hello' in black text and that's it. nothing psychedelic. (this is safari 3b on OS 10.4.9)
paul - 06/18/07 08:59
It is definately a problem with CSS opacity not being displayed right on your computer as we discovered with this simple test page :::link::: with CSS opacity. Does anyone else see it all psychedelic?

NExt step would be to totally trash all traces of firefox, throw out the application folder, delete any prefs. Then go ahead and redownload it and try.

I would say to take it to the apple store but they are going to tell you they don't support firefox.

06/16/2007 14:31 #39693

lychee season...
Category: food apparently in full swing. better get out here quick, (e:paul), haha.



p.s. -- I disabled ALL my firefox add-ons but everything's still smutchfaced. Please don't make me uninstall all of them, sigh.

james - 06/18/07 08:50
They look like the eggs of some interdimentional being. But oh good lord is their taste outherworldly good!
ladycroft - 06/16/07 16:57
i love lychees!