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03/08/2014 23:18 #58772

Allstate doesn't love us.
Our insurance company, Allstate, is going to cancel, nay, strike that, non-renew (I don't understand the difference but all the Allstate people insist that it is important without actually telling me why) our home owners policy unless we complete what I think is completely unnecessary electrical work. Full disclosure, I was working apprentice electrician in my mis-spent youth. But that is what it is. Allstate says jump in the lake, we jump in the lake. Or find another insurance company.

So brothers and sisters and distant cousins, I beseech thee. Can you recommend a good electrician? And more importantly, can you recommend an insurance company and/or an independent insurance agent that is willing to insure 100+ year old homes on Buffalo's west side?

Please and Thank you
uncutsaniflush - 03/09/14 23:46
Thanks for the heads up on American Modern. Right now, I don't want to have anything to do with Allstate or Allstate related companies. I have been insured by Allstate since 1990. I've never filed a home owners insurance claim. I feel f#cked over. I would rather pay some other company more money than deal with Allstate. Given the reality of the insurance market in the slums of Buffalo (not my description) , I know that there is a chance I might have to eat my words. I find it hard to believe that Allstate (and it's minions are the only companies that are willing to insure houses on the West Side.
janelle - 03/09/14 22:51
Allstate dropped their insurance on one of the rental properties we own for pretty typical big house non-emergency issues and the agent I used shifted us to another insurance company. Apparently when you get cancelled by Allstate your Allstate agent will push you to this company: :::link::: so you can check them out.
uncutsaniflush - 03/09/14 22:09
Thank you (e:janelle) and (e:jessbob) for the responses.

(e:janelle) - what you say about cancel vs. non-renewel makes sense. It would have been nice if someone from Allstate explained it to me that way. Btw, I've been in touch with Bill.

(e:jessbob) - I'm not sure that your experience makes me feel better about continuing to be insured by Allstate. I think I may take and post a photo of why Allstate wants to drop us to show how trivial it is. Someone painted the electrical wiring on the exterior of our house. Some of the paint has peeled.
janelle - 03/09/14 20:04
While the impact of cancel versus renew in practice is the same in that it leaves you with no insurance, I think I understand the importance of the difference to Allstate - and possibly to you. I would guess that cancellation would be a red strike against you in the future because a cancellation would mean that you did something wrong. And then it would be difficult for you to get insurance with someone else if you have a history of cancelled policies. A non-renewal of your insurance plan would not necessarily imply that you were at fault for anything.

I use Allstate too and have had issues along that line. If you want advice, Bill and Jen also had to work through issues on their house per their insurance company.

Good luck!
janelle - 03/09/14 19:58
Ask your neighbors down the street, Bill and Jen. I think Bill would have a recommendation for you.
jessbob - 03/09/14 03:25
I don't live in Buffalo anymore, but I had a similar problem with Allstate dropping my homeowners insurance for bs (the sidewalk in front of my house is uneven - but that is city property, not mine). I have heard similar stories of Allstate being persnickety. I have State Farm now - more expensive, but they haven't jerked me around so far.

10/30/2013 20:52 #58213

Invisible Windows?

Got this error on the work laptop. What are invisible windows?


05/30/2012 22:28 #56501

Beefy Miracle
Category: linux
I upgraded the hex-core box to Fedora 17 (code name Beefy Miracle) using preupgrade with no problems.

Update 05/31/12: I'm getting a kernel panic when I shutdown/reboot, see for a fix.

Update 05/31/12 Sound is broken. No solution yet

Update 06/01/12 Sound working. A known bug was a PAM permission problem that could be fixed by running authconfig --updateall . I also upgraded to a 3.4x ccrma kernel So it could be either or both.
uncutsaniflush - 06/01/12 20:30
Updated. Sound working
uncutsaniflush - 05/31/12 23:05
I've updated the post. Sound is broken. No solution yet
uncutsaniflush - 05/31/12 22:25
I've updated the post about the kernel panic problem caused by preupgrade and a fix.
paul - 05/30/12 23:35
Me too. Seems good so far.

05/04/2012 22:19 #56424

Do Laury
Category: polish songs
Yet another Polish art rock song with texts by some dead white guy named Czesław Miłosz. Despite being dead, white and a guy, Miłosz was a great poet.

I like the poem and the song. I love the video.

metalpeter - 05/05/12 15:52
The music to me sounds very Nightmare Before Christmas but it also sounds like Jack White... Both of those are good things...

04/02/2012 22:54 #56310

Your Gorilla Didn't Get Loose
Category: small favours
I ran into (e:mrmike) at Weggies today. And it wasn't by the beer department. So ha! After listening to me whine about my job, he quoth "at least your gorilla didn't get loose."

Truer words were never spoken.

That being said. My Lobsters Gorilla.

mrmike - 04/04/12 14:03
Many a world issue have been given proper airing in discussions by the beer department