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09/28/2007 04:48 #41372

I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
Category: music
One of the great things about seeing a show on Thursday night in San Francisco is getting to hang with the band at Popscene afterwards. You know, get their autograph, take their picture, make out with them on the dance floor. Ok, I personally didn't get to do that last one, but I was close enough to watch!

I didn't do the first two either, but my friend Brenda did. She promised to email me a copy of the pix. Here's my crappy cell phone pic of her autographed ticket stub in the meantime.




omg, Alex Turner is so freakin' adorable!

p.s. -- apparently, this is the userpic of someone who is completely undatable. I sure wish someone had told that me a long time ago. Could have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

twisted - 09/28/07 11:12
We can do that anyway. Thanks (e:strip)!

p.s. -- I wish you could be here for :::link::: LoveFest's official mega-rave right down the street from me tomorrow. Then we could hit :::link::: Folsom on Sunday.
paul - 09/28/07 10:29
Okay, I am seriously jealous of your dancing lifestyle!

I wonder what the deal is with dating? My theory is it is just the guys you date are mostly from online and men that are online are generally after a specific thing. I totally realize that that is a generalization but there is probably some truth to it. You are fun and cute and you have your life pretty together. You must just be looking in the wrong place.

I wish you lived here. Not that it would be easier to find a boyfriend but at least we could hang out and bitch about men over coffee this morning.

09/26/2007 16:55 #41344

Category: work
So, my 3-5 week part-time contract with Autodesk has already been extended to 11 weeks full-time, and I haven't even started yet. Sweet! Maybe now is a good time to ask for a raise, haha.

Hopefully my background check will come up clean. As long as they don't find my secret blog I should be ok. ;)
mike - 09/27/07 12:48
you have a little asian girl on display in your office? sounds illegal
paul - 09/26/07 22:02
Congratulations! --Thanks for the package. I put the little asian girl in my trinket treasure box display case on my mantel in the office.

09/24/2007 02:21 #41282

In The Future When All's Well
Category: music
That was the best freakin' 65 bucks I've spent all year!

All is forgiven.



p.s. -- I think the same artist must have done the Editors poster.


09/23/2007 19:28 #41274

Make up date
Tonight is my "make up date" with Steven Patrick, almost three years to the day (September 19, 2004) since he stood me and thousands of other adoring fans up due to alleged illness.

This better be good.

09/09/2007 22:32 #41024

behind the scenes
a little more up close and personal . . .