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10/23/05 02:17 - ID#36274

Homecoming Last Night

Soo...Homecoming was last night. It was fun. I look my little cousin Robin. It was funner than last year, cuz the dj actually played some good stuff...Like Bon Jovi...and some other cool rock songs. Last year, all they played was rap, and it was annoying...I wore Heather's pretty pink dress from last year. And she wore an old Easter dress...It rocks being a twin! We get to share dresses, lol.. Maybe I'll post pictures of me in my dress. Oh my, Mommy was giving me a ton of shit before we left about my hair. Cuz it's all knotty, and in the dreading process...and we kept saying "brush it!" But i couldn't anyways. Cuz it's too knotted.
We went to Mighty Taco afterwards, which was fun. My feet kill from those freaking aweful shoes.
I just cut up my old camo pants. I got them from the Army Navy Store wayyyy back when... and they are bagging and big and wonderful! But they are too ripped to wear much. So I told Daddy to take me to the store sometime whenever he feels like it, so i can buy a new pair. And I made a skirt out of my old pair..And it looks sweet!! mwahaha...I usually hate wearing skirts..but when they look cool, then I wear 'em.
School tomorrow, bleh! Rina came over on Friday and we were supposed to have a band practice. But her mother had to get her just a little after she got here, so we didn't even get to practice...which kinda sucked. But she's coming over tomorrow cuz we've got girl scouts and she needs a ride. So she gets to spend all day with me, haha.
And speaking of band practice, I've gotta go practice singing Conformist Nation..

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