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Category: games

05/07/09 10:51 - ID#48615

For the love of a game...

Mucho dinero

14-15 years turned $40-50 into $1025.

I hear a sealed copy of Chrono Trigger went for even more.
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Category: games

04/13/09 11:46 - ID#48374


Street Fighter 4 play partner.
Must enjoy playing hours and hours on end.
Skill is a plus. Will train.
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03/18/09 12:20 - ID#48102

NCHEG - Games!

The National Center for the History of Electronic Games is having its opening day tomorrow.

Its a section of the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. I might just have to make my way up there at some point this weekend.
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I miss you too!...

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