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Category: randomness

03/27/06 02:09 - ID#33891

My Weekend

Here are some thoughts on this past weekend:

-cigars, wine, and great conversation are a GREAT way to spend a relaxing Friday night. I've been reminded how lucky I am to have such good friends a lot lately. Thank you.

-I knew there was a reason why I don't listen to my gay friends' advice often. It's now Monday morning, I don't have any chest hair, and my skin is on FIRE! (Not to mention, I think it looks ridiculous...some people are just supposed to have chest hair...your resident hulking rugby player included...)

-While I'm not overly religious, the phrase, "When God closes a door, he opens a window.", could quite possibly ring true for me lately.

-I know a lot about myself...a middling amount about what I want...and no clue about what I am looking for in a relationship whatsoever.

-It's STILL too cold for me to run. I tried on Saturday. I went up to Delaware Park and turned in a two-mile time of 16 minutes. That's ridiculous...I just don't function well in cold weather. Trying to run when it's below 60 degrees is nearly impossible for muscles don't work, my head isn't in it, it's just a disaster. Who wants to run with me once the weather REALLY turns?

-Along the same lines...when I run in the cold (even after stretching) my muscles SCREAM at me the next day or the day after that. Today my hamstrings are really tight. Whatever happened to that 15 year old goalie who could almost do a full split? (I know, I know...he turned into the 20 year old offensive lineman who sacrificed flexibility for bulk and strength...)

-There are some incredibly clueless intelligent people out there (myself included sometimes..)..we should all work towards alleviating that problem.

-The user's a little early...but a good sunny day when it's starting (thank god) to warm up a bit is the perfect time to break out one of the best of the old-school jams.

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Category: randomness

03/23/06 12:30 - ID#33890

More thoughts...

Another collection of thoughts/activities/ideas from the resident scatter-brain:

1) Rugby - Last night was practice. Overall, it was the usual..but for some reason, whether I'm getting a lot more fit or was well-rested or who knows, I wanted to run MORE. Yes...more running..I must be sick. It just wasn't enough of a work out. I want to be drenched in sweat and unable to breathe by the end of practice. I want to be so sore and tired I have a hard time depressing the clutch to shift gears on the way home. I want to have to crawl into the shower and just stand there and leet the hot water run over my body for 20 minutes. I know, I careful what I wish for, right?
I also almost killed a poor kid last night. You see, our brilliant coach and a couple of the older guy decided they wanted to help start a high school developmental side through South Park High School. problem...but there are a lot of kids interested. And trying to hold a practice for 30 high school kids plus 15 men's club players in the same gym at the Old First Ward Center gets a little hectic. Anyway, we wound up playing speedball (touch rugby) at the end of practice yesterday and I went to make a tag on this poor kid and I don't know if he slipped or tried to duck, but he went down. Needless to say, without having a body there to "tag", I lost my balance and went sprawling. All I remember after that was a very "Matrix"-esque moment where I could see that if I didn't do something my elbow was going to connect with the side of his skull, my knee would have come down right on his abdomen and my entire 6'5", 215 lb frame would have fallen from about 3' in the air onto this poor little 16 or 17 year old, 120 lb kid. So...having a little bit of Neo in me (*laugh*), I contorted in mid air and rolled away a bit. Unfortunately...this caused me to land with all of my weight on my left knee and left elbow (knee first, beside the poor kid onto the hard gym floor, and then elbow as I twisted over backward in the air). So today, my left knee is killing me and my left elbow isn't too happy either, but at least I don't have to worry about a lawsuit from an angry parent or killing a poor little kid before he's even had a chance to experience life and love and sex and all those good things. *laugh*

2) "Faux-hemians". Just a quick little rant here. I can't stand what I call "faux-hemians" (rhymes with Bohemians). You know the type I'm talking see them at Spot or in Allentown. I'm not talking about the real Bohemians..people with a soul, people who are authentic. I'm talking about the rich, pretentious (usually) college-aged kids who are buying their lattes and macchiatos on daddy dearest's credit card while talking about how their art history class is soooo hard. The ones who dress differently.....just like everyone else. The ones who misappropriate style, culture, language, and art to serve their own needs.....blah. Sorry...they bug me. There isn't anything "cooler" than being authentic...try it sometime.

3) Today's musical selection is "Black Rock" by O.A.R. (Of A Revolution). A fun little jam band that I love.
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