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05/23/06 10:24 - 43ºF - ID#33900

Alea iacta est...

So then...after much hemming and hawing...and some not-so-wonderful developments at my current position...I've decided to make the move to Portland, OR.

I'll be packing things up (not furniture..I refuse to move my "couch-that-weighs-a-ton" and several other pieces all the way across the damn country...) and heading out in July. As such..stay tuned...there will be a small yard sale (anybody know anyone who needs a ballast to run a 400w Metal Halide lighting system? lol), and, I'm sure, at least a couple of "going away" parties.

I plan on continuing to post (You can take the boy out of Buffalo, but you can't take Buffalo out of the as another West Coast Operative...;).

I do have to admit...I've got plenty of mixed emotions about all of this. It feels like "graduating" all over again. I've got one match left with the guys from South Buffalo...I'm already starting to get those same feelings I had during my last football games at Wilson and St. Lawrence. The "this is the last time I'll do X..." feelings. Now, I know there is plenty of rugby to be had out there..but this is the last time I'll be with this particular group of guys...with this group of brothers. But I'm also excited about meeting a new group of guys...wearing some new colours..facing some new competition. the title says..."Alea iacta est.". Wish me luck!

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