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Category: culture

11/07/10 11:24 - 36.ºF - ID#53078

Diwali time!

This weekend was the Hindu/indian festival of lights, Diwali( Here’s a really cool satellite image of India on Diwali night with most parts completely lit up.(
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Category: funny ridiculous

09/10/10 01:20 - 63.ºF - ID#52691

1000 dollar foods

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Category: electronics

09/07/10 11:25 - 78.ºF - ID#52676

what does this device do anyway??

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Category: music

09/01/10 10:51 - 82.ºF - ID#52628

Freakin' awesome song - Stand by me

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Category: display picture

08/25/10 04:51 - 64.ºF - ID#52559

uploaded pic

could not take those ravishing good looking default pic's the real me ;)
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Category: morning

08/25/10 04:21 - 64.ºF - ID#52558

early start to the day

I figured - given my usual wake up times I don't get to say good morning, ever, I might as well say it now that I am up and awake.

Lets see what are my options right now:

1. go back to bed
2. have some coffee and get to work crazy early
3. find something interesting to do on the inter-webs
4. go back to bed
5. go for a jog - nah...

I guess time will tell what the future holds (yea, im going back to bed..surprise! :P and no interesting stuff to do on the interweb :P)

Anyways, you early folks have yourselves a great morning!
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08/21/10 11:28 - 70.ºF - ID#52497

its funny how you dont realize until that realization dawns on you :-)

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Category: bizarre tila

08/16/10 10:47 - 73.ºF - ID#52461

Tila Tequila suffers cuts, but escapes juggalos attack

I happened across this bizarre piece of news:

I thought this was pretty fucking crazy and bizarre an incident!!
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Category: food

08/15/10 02:56 - 79.ºF - ID#52452

chinese take out

any suggestions for a good chinese take out on elmwwod? Really hingry for some chinese food!
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08/06/10 11:23 - 71.ºF - ID#52373

Best default display picture

I don't think i will be changing this display picture..its so me ;-) Well, this is officially my first e-strip post after a lot of procrastination...well, post!
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