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04/24/06 09:38 - 47ºF - ID#26530

introducing.. me :)

This is going to be the typical "hi... this is my journal" entry.
Sorry to dissapoint :P

My name's Liz.
I'm 19 (I'll be 20 on May 12th, which is making me feel like the years where I can get away with being childish are gone).
I live in South Buffalo, with a roomate, and my extremely fun old english sheepdog (who my neighbor calls the monster that lives on our backyard). I grew up here, and even though most of my upbringing screams private school princess, I don't enjoy the stereotype and will fight anyone who tries to use it.
I'm a pharm D candidate at UB, and I work at Frederick's of Hollywood. It's a great job, just a little too personal for me sometimes.

I think that's it for now.
I'll be more interesting later, I promise :)

my little monster :)

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