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Category: school

05/15/06 12:29 - 62ºF - ID#26535


I got a 4.0 this semester :) :) :) :)
Plus, no more Physics EVER!

I just feel like telling everyone.


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Category: birthdays

05/14/06 11:06 - 55ºF - ID#26534

this is immature, but it's warranted

On friday, I turned 20. I went out to dinner with my friends, had cake with them, got a dozen roses from my best friend from UB, and celebrated.

On friday, my boyfriend forgot my birthday.
He thought it was the 16th. After I TOLD him when it was. He did this last year too. He forgot my birthday last year, I thought he'd make it up to me this year, and he forgot it again.

Are you fucking serious?
Sometimes I doubt the decisions I make.
This weekend has been one FILLED with doubt.

Forgiveness isn't even an option at this point.
If he's not going to spend his time groveling for forgiveness, then he isn't worth my time :)

ps: my roses are pretty. thank you :)
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Category: pets

05/08/06 12:52 - ID#26533


I got rid of my cats yesterday. :(
It's not that I didn't love them, but the gray one started picking fights with my dog. My dog happens to be a big baby and was terrified of a seven month old cat. The black cat and Reagan got along perfectly, but I knew I couldn't seperate them, so off they went.

It's not like they went far or anything (right next door).
But I still miss them. :(

On a semi happier note, my roomate and I are looking into getting another dog so Reagan will have a new playmate. Anyone know of any cute, toy breeds that get along well with other dogs? Or smaller breeds?

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