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Category: city

09/16/06 07:11 - 69ºF - ID#25876

So What's The Story?

The man and I went on a walk today through the neighborhood and wandered into the museum at the corner of North and Elmwood.

I'm a little confused.

In this giant building there are about 16 podiums with a single exhibit in each of some sort of aerospace memorabilia. Is this really an efficient use of space?

Is this building used for anything else?

Anyone that knows anything please let me know...

... and on another note- If anyone has a nice church pew that they no longer need and is willing to let it go... please let me know too!


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Category: street

09/08/06 01:26 - 75ºF - ID#25875


What's with all the bees this year? My car gets coated in pollen and sap on the new street and I gain 20 new little bee buddies that hang out with me all day. I've failed to mention that I am terribly allergic to bees and this is not cool!

I had to get my car washed yesterday and they did a cruddy job- But at least it washed most of the sap away. I think I'm down to 8 bee buddies today.

...another rant... What's with the jerk across the street that continues to park his car in the middle of a spot that can clearly fit two cars? I feel like printing up slips on parking ticket orange paper that have only the word "Inconsiderate" on it. I wonder if he would get the point?

...Done with the rants, now back to work... Big party this weekend, gotta rest up!
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09/07/06 05:15 - 72ºF - ID#25874

I don't want your stinkin' fees!

I ordered a coffee table last week. They were going to charge me $50 to deliver it, $50 to put it together, and $45 for a three year insurance plan. My coffee table only cost $120, but I got it marked down to $80 because it was tagged wrong in the store.

I have to wonder what the sales person was thinking when he offered me $145 worth of services on an $80 purchase. Is it required for salespeople to offer useless options to customers?

I worked as a flooring specialist for several years. We were required to offer service plans and insurance on carpet purchases- but sometimes they are useful, but only for the right dollar invested. I would have never offered someone a two hundred dollar plan on a three hundred dollar purchase. I'm not stupid, and I would never offend someone in that way.

So I go to the warehouse today to pick up my table and I hand the attendant my sales slip, and he disappears for fifteen minutes. He comes back with his face beet red with an enormous box on a moving dolly. I was thinking that there is no way that could be my little coffee table, but more importantly- I was thinking there is NO way that enormous box is going to fit in my car!

$50 delivery fee on a $80 table. Is this for real? I wasn't going to be having any of that! So the brilliant Toyota car manufactures saw this one coming. They built my car with a fully collapsible back seat, and an opening under the rear speakers juuuuust big enough to fit this box in! Thank you Toyota! The attendant was laughing. He didn't think it was going to fit in the car... Good times... Good times.

It leads me to my thought for the day. Would this furniture manufacturer make its packaging too big for the actual product just so the customer would have to pay a delivery fee? No... It can't be... Not in the age of too big cars and SUV's... Never.

I am now going to sit in a quiet area and write Toyota a nice, hand written(in perfect cursive) thank you note for being so intuitive to my cars needs!

Oh yeah- Almost forgot! The coffee table went together in under 10 minutes and looks great in my living room!

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Category: naughty

09/06/06 10:46 - 64ºF - ID#25873

Is Three a Crowd?

Have you ever been approached about being in a threesome?

I just was.

That was an interesting conversation.
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Category: street

09/05/06 08:04 - 58ºF - ID#25872

Traffic Criclescirclescircles...

I need help.

I had a run in with a very angry driver last night on Delaware Ave. It wasn't pleasant. I had dropped a friend off at home around midnight last night and on the way home I almost got into two accidents. One of them was a lovely man who decided to run the stop light at Allen and Delaware, the second was... duh duh duuuuuh... the traffic circle! Gates Circle- I've always loved it, but I always hate driving around it. No matter what I do I almost get into an accident.

So here is the story.

Drop friend off out on Pearl Street. Turn around, come home Delaware. Avoid evil driver at Allen. Approach Gates Circle with four other cars. I have to turn down Lafayette and the other four cars are in both lanes going fast, obviously planning on continuing down Delaware. (MAP TO: 33%20GATES%20CIRCLE) I tried to get them all to pass me so I could have open access to the circle, but no. One evil driver decided to get on the inside of the circle. I had to stay on the outside and manage to get all the way over to Lafayette. Next thing I know I'm hearing his horn blaring in my ear. What a jerk. I understand that he thinks I'm to blame for my bad driving, but he obviously doesn't understand how difficult it can be to turn down this street.

Ok, my pity party is done. If anyone knows the actual traffic laws for traffic circles please share with me. The last thing I want right now is another ticket!
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