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Category: tugging

02/22/06 07:26 - ID#25190

update on the restoration

i took before pix but haven't uploaded them yet... this is my second day tugging and it's pretty cool! you can barely tell you are wearing the tugger... more on this all later :)

ps. i am still pwning @ hangman!
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Category: tugging

02/16/06 06:26 - ID#25189

something you don't hear about everyday

this will probably sound weird to some of you but whatever... this is about penis, but not in a gay way at all so don't be immature and let me explain:

for as long as i can remember i have been amazed by foreskin... even when i was little i remember i used to try and pull what i had left of my foreskin forward... if you've ever been around little boys for any reasonable amount of time, you know how amazed they are with their wee wee's... so fast forward a lot of years...

while in high skool i heard of something called foreskin restoration... the subject always interested me and i always thought it would be cool to be able to get foreskin back since my parents robbed me of when i was like 7 minutes old... years went by and i kind of forgot about it, but then for some reason it came up a year or so ago and i started looking into it again... i found all kinds of sites with info that didn't exist the last few times i had tried to find out about the process... i started lurking in some restoration forums and reading what methods guys used and what seemed to work best, which leads us to tonight... tonight i ordered the device which i have seen the most praise about and i am totally psyched :) i mean who wouldn't want heightened sensitivity and all the other good stuff that comes with foreskin? ok i'm sure some fo the guys reading this don't, but yeah... it's going to take at least a year to get where i want my foreskin to be, but to me it's well worth the wait...

so yeah... if you don't know what to think at this point, just be excited for me. lol
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