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01/25/07 12:22 - ID#37862

Bird of Pray

A stack of corn flapjacks smothered in blueberry compote and whip cream at the IHOP has me satiated and plenty grounded. I've in mind the name for a philanthropic venture with similar letters to form the acronym IHP- Insitute for Human Potential. Who knows, maybe the IHOP would sponsor the IHP and serve pancakes in the cafeteria? Dare to dream and then dream bigger!

The chicken souvlaki I ate for dinner with my parents last night never was amazing. I don't know what it was, but it was like orgasmic. My mother is a wonderful cook, but it had to be more than just the flavorings. She must have put some real loving vibes into that food. It was just what I needed and I thanked her for a truly satisfying meal. After dinner I made my way over to my sister's place to take in the NHL All-Star game. I called her on the drive over to see if she would like a cup of Tim Horton's coffee, to which she eagerly accepted the offer. When I arrived she was sitting in the living room with her cat Johnny on her lap gently caressing him. I took up a seat on the sofa across from her and enjoyed a visit over coffee. We played with the pets, her miniature schnauzer Dude and the cat. It was the first time that I can recall spending "quality time" with my sister in years.

At dinner with my parents I learned for the first time that she was nearly victimized while on a vacation with her now husband Gary. She had become angry at him and walked out of a bar in Miami only to be surrounded by four men who proceeded to forcefully escort her off to God knows where until a gentleman happened to take notice and gave them some grief distracting them enough to enable my sister to break loose and escape. A guardian angel perhaps? I know what it's like to be helplessly attacked and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, nevermind my sister. So we watched the game, which was rather uneventful other than Sabres' star Danny Briere earning MVP honors with a goal and 4 assists, second highest point total in All-Star history. I was going to leave after the first period, but wound up staying until the end, including a few beers. I came home and felt rather tipsy. I hadn't any booze since before New Year's. I think I needed it though to balance some of the intense energy shifts taking place. I slept very sound.

I had a cool thing happen while I was on my walk yesterday. As I turned out of my driveway heading along the same route I take nearly every day I noticed a big, plump red-tail hawk perched high up in a maple. His cream-colored breast plummage thrust forward and streamline head on a turet standing confidently like a sentinel. I whistled up at him doing my best to mimic the screeching call, "Krrrrrrr!" I did this several times and as I walked right beneath him he peered down as if to acknowledge me. I felt so connected. Everything wants to be noticed. As I completed my 3 mile loop rounding the last corner with a chill to the bone I noticed a large raptor swoop into another maple. I was awestruck. It was as if he came back to say hello and thank me for taking notice.

The hawk has always symbolized freedom and opportunity to me. Years ago a friend found a juvenile bird of prey on the side of the road with head trauma. He didn't know what to do and thought of me as someone who might be able to take care of the injured animal. I was honored, but of course had no experience with wildlife rehab. I took the animal in and set up a rubbermaid tote as a makeshift nest. I said a prayer as I held him for his healing. I went to the pet store and purchased a little white mouse, which the young raptor immediately appreciated. I had the animal in captivity and nursed it for 3 days. When I came home from work one day I noticed the tote was empty. I was like "O shit!" I went upstairs into the attic and there he was perched atop a reinforcing truss across the rafters. I approached him and he allowed me to take him into my hands. I walked downstairs and out onto the back porch where I set him free watching with a tear in my eye as he flew off for a new beginning. To this day the hawk is for me a most powerful oracle. I'll never forget that moment.

I also had a powerful moment of gratitude and vision the night before last while out on my plow route. I was snowblowing the walkways at the largest of my commercial properties. It takes about 15 minutes to clear all the walks and entrances to the building, even with only a few inches of snow. As the icy wind cut through the dark and whipped the snow back into my face coating me from head to toe I imagined as if I were somewhere else. I could feel as if I was somewhere tropical, like a beach in Costa Rica for instance as a wave of gratitude came over me. It was like a confirmation message from the Universe that indeed the vision I've held for many years is well on its way to me. I know for certain that next winter I will be in a position to migrate and enjoy a winter sabbatical in favored tropical climes. Suddenly the snowblowing became effortless. A person's faith is measured not according to when s/he talks, but rather when s/he is working.

I'm anticipating a phone call here any minute as Thursday is the designated day for the boys from work to convene and engage in a match of No Limit Texas Hold-em. If that doesn't come to fruition then I'm thinking about lunch with my brother-in-law at Colter Bay where my sister is employed as a server. I'd prefer to continue my respite from the rigors of a 23 hour stint the day before last, although I feel nearly caught up on my sleep deficit. By tomorrow I expect that I'll be back to par, barring another snow event. The forecast is calling for icy temps, but no significant accumulations. We'll see. Later this evening I have plans to host some friends for a creative evening of self-expression and manifestation. We will be working on crafting "vision boards" as a tool to help us gain clarity on our individual visions for the future. I have a stack of mags from recent years' subscriptions just waiting to be of service. My aunt was complaining the other day about all these magazines showing up unexpectedly to her address. I gladly took them off her hands and invited her to pass along any others she might receive. The Universe does work in mysterious ways.

One Love

Permission, SEAN, is what you give yourself.

I give you everything else.
The Universe

January 25, 2007
Lost in Beauty
Libra Daily Horoscope

Your creativity can serve you well today, whether you are endeavoring to complete a professional project or concentrating your attention on a hobby from which you derive pleasure. You may find yourself infusing everything to which you apply yourself with an atmosphere of artfulness that affords others a unique opportunity to appreciate beauty in everyday objects. The main beneficiary of your imaginative labors, however, will likely be you, as your devotion to loveliness ensures that your thoughts remain positive and upbeat at all times. You may also enjoy expanding your horizons through creative activities today, and the curiosity that blossoms within you as you create can become the seed of a lifelong quest for beauty.

It is easy to put aside worldly cares when we lose ourselves in the beauty we are capable of creating, using little more than our imaginative minds. Our thoughts naturally revolve around all that is good and true rather than the challenges that are circumstantially thrust upon us in our daily lives. Because we are immersed in the rushing flood of the creative flow, we have little time or energy to devote to topics that fall outside of the range of our imaginations. The world is a much more pleasant place when we observe it through perception that is colored by our innovative vantage points. We can appreciate the loveliness that is inherent in simply living, without giving regard to the tension that is an established part of being. Your creativity will make the world seem like a brighter place today.

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