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Old Man Winter

Old man winter is rather pissed off at the moment and the ploughman is at the brink of delerium in the wake of this lake effect storm. I can't even see outside my window as I sit here typing with heavy eyes. I began last night around midnight after getting the call to action while chilling at this joint called Brio in Rochester. There I'd crossed paths with someone from many years ago, or lifetimes as it now seems. As my friend Michele and I walked into the place I noticed the delightful sound of live female vocals covering a Billy Joel tune. As I strolled on by I realized I recognized the rock-n-roll Diva seated by the electronic piano. Jen was looking mighty fine as she always did back in the days at Fredonia State U. where she attended school with my brother Dan. And to think I might have had the opportunity to make a ze sex love with her back in the day only to let it pass me by. Sigh. I've been a damn fool in this life, but alas, that was then and this is now. On her set break I paid a visit to say hello and she remembered my face linking it to a period of time in her life and certain recreational activities. She's of course emerged in recent years as a locally acclaimed performing artist and who am I but a face in the crowd. Yet, separate but equal souls, it was so nice chatting and catching up for a minute. She explained that in her spare time she manages her boyfriend's men's apparel store, expounding on the description in detailing their plans to joint venture with Buffalo Sabres' starting goaltender Ryan Miller for a second location in his home state of Michigan. I asked when she'd be in Buffalo to perform next and interestingly enough she will be headlining a charity event at Ani's church sponsored by the Ryan Miller Foundation. Hmm, maybe I should start the Sean J. Kennedy Foundation? It has a nice ring to it. Anyway, I gave Jen a kiss on the cheek wishing her well until we meet again.

I was fully enjoying the euphoria following my attunement with Michele at her healing sanctuary. I questioned the logic in keeping the appointment with the prospect of plowing on the horizon, but am so glad I followed through. She shared her gifts in channeling energies and Spirit to assist me in releasing minor resistance, or as she called it "fine-tuning" the higher energies at work in my life. I could feel my spine and cranium tingle on several occasions during the 15 minute session. She noted that she too had experienced similar sensations, especially at the end as she concluded the ceremony with laying of her powerful hands upon my shoulders. She was called to apply eagle medicine to various points on my torso, including my shoulders as a gesture of support in helping me shoulder the weight of this profound transformation taking place right down to the re-programming of DNA.

Before meeting up with some of her friends at Brio we enjoyed some delicious Mediterranean cuisine at this cute little joint called Sinbad's in the upscale Park district of Rochester. The hummus is tangy and pungent. Christopher and Julie met up with us shortly after we we're seated as two tables conjoined made possible what had been dinner for two a dinner for four. As per usual custom we laughed heartily with sexual innuendo after innuendo with references to Borat and then more innuendo with original content. Between the four of us there's enough zing potential to re-populate a third world country. I was totally high on life in the spirit of wonderful company. I treated Michele to dinner and drinks in return for her services as we made way departing with hugs for our cohorts who opted to go home rather than continue the evening out on the town.

I also had the pleasure to see a friend I hadn't seen since the summer. Megan was beaming and bright as ever introducing me to her boyfriend Rich, who later shared with me his experience of Buffalo while living there for a period of 9 years, including Bill's season tickets during the Super Bowl years and a love of Ziggy's Taco and Sub on Main. St. A couple more friends arrived to join the circle as we made merry while Jen belted out one cover after another with sheer brilliance. I was getting anxious though and figured I should check my phone. Sure enough Rich had called saying we'd be plowing. I began saying my goodbyes as this chick Amy commented that I have "one of those faces." Megan told me that she was referring to me as Superman. Hmm, if only she knew who I really am.

I noticed of late that I am struggling somewhat with my identity. I know it's coming from ego mainly, but I think my Higher Self is trying to have a say in the matter as well. When people ask what I do I am not particularly excited to tell them that I landscape and snowplow. Often times I will ask people to clarify with the question, "Are you asking what I do to earn money, or what do I do?" It just doesn't seem to do justice to my true nature, but then any defined role will never approach one's Divinity, whether CEO of a Fortune 500 company or janitor makes no difference at the end of the day. However, for the sake of playing the game of life I've been wrestling with new labels, or categories.

Last night I was approached with zest by this woman who was a friend of Jen. She inquired what I do I answered, "I'm a philosopher," to which she immediately responded, "Oh, you're trying to save the world." I was like, "No not really, I keep the focus on Sean," and went on to mention snow removal and being an aspiring writer, etc. But she seemed to have lost interest and shortly thereafter vanished into the masses. I'm glad I tried on the philosopher hat. She showed me what the mainstream interpret such a role to mean, which is not all where I'm coming from. I'd like to say that I am a child of God, or an Instrument of the Light perhaps, but I don't know that it would go over too well in the mainstream. I guess I should just stick with what is for now. I plow snow in the winter and I garden in the summer. Oh yeah, and I write.

On the drive home I chuckled to myself as if I were Clark Kent hurrying to save the day. Negotiating a snow-whipped NYS Thruway at 65 miles per hour while other cars crawled along at 40-50 mph; my white stallion, or pussy magnet as I now call it thanks to Borat, was obviously made precisely with such conditions in mind. The only pickup truck in its class with front-wheel drive proves once again the superior acumen of foreign engineering. My experience driving in adverse weather certainly was a factor, although I give hearty props to Honda, even if they are guilty of messing with odometer readings. I'm quite curious to see what comes of the class action lawsuit. In the meantime, I will continue as an advocate for what I consider to be one of the best designed and best looking automobiles on the road today. And it just so happens to be operated by of the best designed and best looking humans on the planet today.

I made it home lickety-split in spite of hazardous road conditions stopping by the nursery to drop off my ride and acquire Big Red. After stopping home to trade in my snazzy attire for work duds I was off to the task at hand. The commercial lots were not bad at all as wind-blown drifts along the borders made for a quick, efficient clean-up. I finished my route and was happily in bed four hours later only to awaken around daybreak to more heavy lake effect snow fall. I started to get revved up, but wanted to get some more sleep before heading out for round 2. I wasn't able to settle down until I masturbated allowing me another hour or so of sleep.

Rich had called signaling that we need to get a move on as I was already out the door. I was met by a stern complaint at one of my commercial properties. This woman in a Mercedes motioned for my attention so I pulled along side her. She proceeded to comment on how unhappy she is with the timing of the service. She was quite abrupt and clearly below the line. I replied by asking her if she was aware of the timing of the last snowfall, to which she made a rather disgruntled face and scoff before responding, "I don't need to put with up this aggravation, what's your name? I'm going to call Rich. I can't even get into my own building and its already noon!" I felt my heart rate escalate, though I did not allow my emotion to dictate the exchange. In so doing I remained above the line and simply remarked to her, "We're doing the best we can, m'am," before she scurried inside.

It's not at all an unusual circumstance for me as I've attracted many such people in similar circumstances over the years. They are typically female and older, lending credence to the theory it has something to do with unresolved mother stories. In any event, I didn't allow it to sully my day in the least and continued on for several more hours providing a most convenient service for my clients. I noticed not one, but on two occasions the appearance of a red-tail hawk flying right over me. It was a pleasant sign that all is well and I'm in the flow. While snowblowing the walks at one property, my face encrusted by wind-driven plumes of propelled snow, I was holding the vision of tropical beaches. I had an understanding on the creative process, i.e. manifestation. The information wasn't (k)new, but the feeling became Truth in that moment. I was thinking and acting in The Certain Way as offered by Wallace D. Wattles in his landmark treatise on metaphysical principles, The Science of Getting Rich. Indeed, I felt the richness that is my essence, my birthright and in that moment of battling the elements I substituted what is for a vision of what shall be.

It appears the lake effect snow bands are moving south to ski country where it is forecast they will remain for the remainder of the weekend. But the damage is done and I will have to go out for a third round in a 24 hour period. I'm totally wiped out and not sure how I'm going to hold up for another run without a full night's sleep. I can smell the ocean and feel the warmth of the tropical sun. It's calling me. Yet what is for right now in the present moment shall remain the best possible reality within the field of infinite possibilities. I am guided by the intention of that which brings me peace and joy. It is only a matter of time before everything I create in this life is in harmony with this intention. Creator, grant me the strength and endurance to honor my word and carry out the tasks I have agreed to complete. I offer gratitude for the many blessings, seen and unseen, as everything contributes to my Highest Good.

One Love

"Philosophers and ploughman, each must know his part, to sew a new mentality, closer the Heart!" Neil Peart

February 3, 2007
Trusting Your Guardians
Libra Daily Horoscope

You may sense that something akin to luck is on your side today, and you will likely recognize the benevolent hand of your many spirit guardians operating in your experience. Mundane acts that typically constitute a normal part of your daily routine can earn you surprising blessings as others acknowledge your hard work and effort. Should you find yourself in situations that feel negative, you may be pleased to discover that you can respond constructively and without resorting to hostility. The moment of recognition in which you see that you are not alone can be the perfect time to express your gratitude for all the blessings your spirit guides have bestowed upon you today.

We can move through life with a greater degree of confidence when we believe that there are entities watching over us and protecting us from harm. Simply recognizing that we exist under the stewardship of benevolent beings can sustain our spirits during challenging times and lift our mood when life is sweet. We are better equipped to dispel the negative energy we encounter as a normal part of our day-to-day experience because we are able to funnel it into the strong arms of our guides. Yet the confidence we gain knowing that we are safe and loved also inspires us to take a more active approach to our own happiness as these beings will only come to our aid when called upon to help. You will feel secure today as you recognize the important role your spiritual guardians are playing in your life.

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