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01/29/07 11:13 - ID#37908

Guided by Spirit

Today's daily lesson is for healing, guidance by Spirit and thanks to God! I've enjoyed the second consecutive day beginning my morning with Bijan's effortless prosperity daily lessons. I had to quell the chatter of my ego somewhat, especially after a mildly restless night. I was expecting a phone call from my employer for the call to action as snow showers persisted throughout the evening. I even kept the phone at my side in bed, a not so pleasant companion. I really wanted a full night's sleep and was delighted that the phone never did ring. However, my ego started telling me things like maybe I got fired and that I should be out working. As I sat in my soul chair contemplating the daily lesson I thanked my ego for sharing, as Bijan taught us to do, and continued to experience the peace and joy of the moment.

There is enough snow on hard surfaces to warrant a clean-up, but nothing that approaches hazardous or even inconvenient conditions for the commuter. I do feel a sense of lingering obligation to provide the snowplow service for my customers. But this is from above the line as I consider the joy it brings from a job well done, not to mention the satisfaction for the client. I fully anticipate that we will be out this evening clearing the light fluffy build-up, at least for our commercial accounts if not residential. Rich has sent us out for less, hence my mild shock that I have not yet heard from him. I suppose it is worthy of miracle status that I was able to enjoy a much needed full night's slumber. In fact, everything falls into "miracle" category when you think about it. It's a miracle to breath, to feel, taste, smell, hear and see. It's a miracle to move the bowels, to smile, to laugh, to cry and to have thoughts. Life is one continues stream of miracles, if only we awaken to its grandeur and beauty.

And so to be guided by Spirit is to remain fully immersed in the present moment. There is nothing so holy as living in the present. I considered during my meditation on the daily lesson where I might go from here were I indeed to actually lose my job. I felt a brief wave of anxiety pour over me followed by complete peace. I do not know where I'd go, but I trust that I would be guided to the next open door if one were to close behind me. I thought back to many years ago when I used to take hikes on a regular basis. I remember wandering in the woods, sometimes aimlessly with no particular destination or outcome in mind. I was never afraid of getting lost or disoriented. There were times of uncertainty, but I just kept moving along and sooner or later I always found my way. I recall specifically a time when my brother and I were hiking in Zoar Valley. Along the trail we encountered a nudist colony enjoying a warm summer afternoon by the riverside. We were uncomfortable at the prospect of our fellow citizens, all of them male and some holding hands. We continued on our way and came to the end of the trail. We had two choices, either turn around and pass by the nudist colony or trudge uphill off the beaten path. We of course listened to our homophobic egos, chose the latter and wound up lost for hours. But we never panicked, despite the expansive sprawl of the 3,000 plus acre forest. We ended up on a road and paid a visit to a home. The woman gladly directed us down the road as we were less than a mile from our vehicle. Even when we listen to our ego we can always tune it out, go above the line and find guidance from Spirit.

It is only a matter of time before I take complete charge of my life and fire my boss. For now I give thanks for all the gifts it brings, not the least of which a steady paycheck with which to pay the bills and bestow blessings upon loved ones. In a couple hours I will be meeting up with friends and treat them to lunch. It brings me such joy to do so. I just updated my list of things-to-do with "taxes" written in large capital letters. I trust that everything will be completed in a timel fashion in way that brings peace and joy. Computing my income tax refund has always been an effortless process for me. I am feeling some resistance this year as for the first time I have income to report that has yet to have taxes deducted, vis 1099 form. I kept an extensive file of my expenses with receipts and hope that I can write off most, if not all of the figure. But I'm really not sure exactly how to proceed as this is new for me. I put it out there that whatever the result it will be completed effortlessly. So whether that means finding the joy in tallying all my business-related expenses and entering the data into an on-line tax service, or perhaps that I attract an accountant who will accomplish the task for a fair trade in return, is incidental. I proceed guided by Spirit today and offer thanks to God!

One Love

Did you know, SEAN, that the average person looks 793.7% more attractive when they smile? Not to mention healthier, wiser, slimmer, richer, and cooler.

They do.
And smiles "become things" too -
The Universe

January 29, 2007
Pushing Your Limits
Libra Daily Horoscope

A rush of energy can inspire you to challenge yourself today, prompting you to participate in activities that test your stamina, strength, or intelligence. You may discover upon entering into such battles of skill, sport, and wit that you are invigorated by the difficulties inherent in competition-whether you are pitting yourself against a rival or against yourself. Should these pursuits require you to broaden your horizons through practice or education, you will likely eagerly explore new worlds of experience. Your efforts can introduce you to aspects of your talents and skills that you never knew existed, and the resultant revelations can persuade you to continue to pursue achievement in unfamiliar quarters. Today may be the day you realize that your potential is greater than you had ever dreamed possible.

We discover that our individual limitations reach far beyond the boundaries we had previously assigned to ourselves when we immerse ourselves vigorously in the activities that energize and excite us. It is when we participate in pursuits we enjoy that we are most willing to extend ourselves physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Because we have little fear of failure-as we recognize that mistakes and mishaps are natural aspects of individual growth-we dedicate our bodies, minds, and souls to the challenges before us. We feel good knowing that we are reaching past the borders of our comfort zones with some degree of success, and are thus encouraged to continue our explorations. You will feel strong and accomplished today as you push yourself past the arbitrary limits that once held sway over your conduct.

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