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02/22/09 02:33 - ID#47858

Need Computer Advice

I’m looking for a new (refurbished) laptop computer and have been checking out some stuff on e-bay. I could use a little advice from some of you incredibly knowledgeable folks regarding some basics. I’ve been looking at Dells, primarily at the D600, 610, 620’s with the Windows XP Professional OS but they have really varied configurations. I need to know what folks recommend regarding the following:

What is the minimum speed you recommend for a processor?

What type of processor do you recommend? (i.e., Intel Core 2 Duo; Intel Core Duo; Intel Pentium Mobile; Intel Pentium 4, etc.)

What Processor Config do you recommend? (i.e., Single Core, Dual Core)

Minimum RAM recommended?

Minimum Hard Drive capacity recommended?

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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