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04/15/07 11:00 - 33ºF - ID#38898

make a plan to love me

Several years ago I was given a cd called "Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Youir Ear to the Ground," by Bright Eyes. It was one of those gifts that the giver "thought i would like." I did enjoy and over the years have collected 11 more albums of their work. Currently over 115 songs on my Ipod are Bright Eyes songs.

For those of you that don't know Bright Eyes is an indie rock act lead by Conor Oberst who helped start the record label Saddle Creek out of Omaha. Other than Oberst, the band has a large cast of characters including M Ward, Rachael Yamagata, Maria Taylor, and Ben Kweller to name a few. Saddle Creek is home to Cursive, The Faint, Azure ray and many more. Rilo Kiley used to be on Saddle Creek but were later signed to a major label. Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis released a solo cd on Team Love records which is also founded by Conor Oberst. Oberst has been compared to Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Petty and Neil young to name a few. What sets him apart from other modern singer-songwriters is that he actually has something to say in his music, much like Dylan. The music is indie rock but is not limited to that. In 2004, 2 different albums were released on the same day. One more alt-country and one more digital rock. Both are amazing in their own ways.

Two weeks ago I recieved my copy of Cassadaga, the new studio album by Bright Eyes and the first featuring a real lineup of musicians appearring on most of the tracks. Gone is Obersts shaky voice. The music is much more confident and well produced. The album is getting rave reviews and rolling stone, ew, and the buffalo news say that this is the best album the band has put out. I disagree but to be fair I have only listened to it twice. I am hoping further listening will provide me with new found appreciation for it. I am hoping that my excited for the release of this cd just had me wanting more from it.

In any event, if you don't know who Bright Eyes is I am sure you can search out some of their music if you want. Key tracks: lover i don't have to love, when the president talk to god, four winds, lua, take it easy, and for you Daniel Johnston or Feist fans, there are covers of Devil's Town and Mushaboom respectivally.
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04/06/07 12:27 - 23ºF - ID#38768

hip hip hop

A long time ago I only listened to Rap and R&B but now I have to say that I listen to almost everything and am more open to music. Anyhow, I was reading the Definitive 200 and was concerned with some of the submissions on the list of my former favorite genres. For those of you that don't know about the list.... has the list and all the shit that goes with it.

28 - Eminem Marshall Mathers LP -- to me lyrically he was at his best and is the reason he is the most well known rapper in the world
30 - Dr Dre Chronic
31 - Beastie Boys License to Ill
57 - 50 Cent Get rich or die trying -- this one surprised me a bit. i'm not a fan but i do own this somewhere
59 - Notorious BIG Life after death -- fucking amazing album and solid for a double album
63 - Eminem Eminem Show -- White America is my favorite song on this album and Haile's song is great too
90 - Tupac All Eyez on me -- this was the first of many cds released after his death and none can compare to it
94 - Nelly Country Grammar -- i don't get this one
108 - NWA -- Straight outta compton
128 - Jay Z Blueprint
154 - Will Smith big willie style --another one that i just don't get
156 - public enemy it takes a nation
161 - jay Z Black album -- i think it's better than the bluprint
170 - Tupac me against the world - dear mama fucking great
185 - Nas Illmatic
189 - Jay Z in my lifetime vol 1
190 - ll cool j mama said knock you out

Those are the albums that made the list in the RAP genre. However, further reading into it showed titles that I would have classified as rap but they are listed under R&B. One of these "R&B" titles is The Fugees The Score......that is my favorite album period. The other titles that i feel were put in the wrong genre are Outkasts Speakerboxx-The love below and Aquemeni.

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04/03/07 01:46 - 54ºF - ID#38728

where has the time gone

writing is coming back to me. it's a funny thing i guess. I can blame it on more reading i suppose. Blame is the wrong word though because i happy to be writing again. finding words and characters spilling out at times. it is said that to be a writer you have to read as much as you can. i've read 11 books since january. i think that is a good start.

currently i'm reading On The Road, The Pornographers Poem, The Renaissance of Irish Poetry and an anthology of short stories entitled, Fetish. That is certainly an interesting read so far. Bukowski writes "Love for $17.50." This particular story is about a man that falls in love with a mannequin he buys at a thrift store. If you have the chance or the interest you should find the story. If you are wondering how I can read so many books at once, i wish I could tell you how. I've always been like that. Reading 4 books at once comes easy for me and I never confuse the pieces.

so it is said to write you have to read.....but i also read that to write you have to have something to write about. a story. meaning that even in it's simplest form, fiction is not completely fiction. we borrow from the things we see. The things we experience and also those things seen and done by the people we know. our characters come from our friends and our family and ourselves. i incorporate strangers. I see a old woman buying a case of Red dog today and i put her in my notebook because i can picture her going home, cracking open one of those beers and yelling at the tv screen while watching one of her favorite "stories." as simple as that a character is born.

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