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where has the time gone

writing is coming back to me. it's a funny thing i guess. I can blame it on more reading i suppose. Blame is the wrong word though because i happy to be writing again. finding words and characters spilling out at times. it is said that to be a writer you have to read as much as you can. i've read 11 books since january. i think that is a good start.

currently i'm reading On The Road, The Pornographers Poem, The Renaissance of Irish Poetry and an anthology of short stories entitled, Fetish. That is certainly an interesting read so far. Bukowski writes "Love for $17.50." This particular story is about a man that falls in love with a mannequin he buys at a thrift store. If you have the chance or the interest you should find the story. If you are wondering how I can read so many books at once, i wish I could tell you how. I've always been like that. Reading 4 books at once comes easy for me and I never confuse the pieces.

so it is said to write you have to read.....but i also read that to write you have to have something to write about. a story. meaning that even in it's simplest form, fiction is not completely fiction. we borrow from the things we see. The things we experience and also those things seen and done by the people we know. our characters come from our friends and our family and ourselves. i incorporate strangers. I see a old woman buying a case of Red dog today and i put her in my notebook because i can picture her going home, cracking open one of those beers and yelling at the tv screen while watching one of her favorite "stories." as simple as that a character is born.

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