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06/21/07 06:23 - 81ºF - ID#39756

some days i just dont feel like shaving

I wrote this poem on my myspace page, a friend of mine was making fun of how hairy my legs get sometimes. I liked it so I thought i would share it with all of you as well!

I take a half an hour to shave my legs and then/3 days later they're gettin hairy again./ I let my armpit hair grow/ so my BO flows right to ya nose./ just to see whos attracted to my pheromones./my pubic region hairily exploads/ to avoid the razor burns and bumpy roads. / i let it get as bad as it can get/ then i get in the tub and shave every inch of it yet/ every hair from my pits to below my bum/ just so you can get some clean licks in....YUM!!!!
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06/11/07 10:36 - 69ºF - ID#39616

just an update

Hey all! I just wanted to put a couple pics of my baby Hannah and I to let everyone know how absolutely adorable she is!

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12/17/06 02:11 - 48ºF - ID#21032


i havent written in a long time but id like to enlist the help of the e-strip community in finding our cat, 40(oz), aka KITTY...aka Samantha. She's been gone for 2 and a half days now, and she's never been gone this long!!!! Shes black, with a white belly and white spots on her paws. She has green eyes and she's wearing a blue-greenish flea collar. I don't have a picture right now but hopefully we'll get one on here soon.
We live next to Panos, so Im sure she'd be around the panos/ buff state area. My big hope is that someone found her and took her in because of the cold. i wont say what my biggest fear is.... But shes a great cat and if anyone has seen her PLEASE PLEASE let me or Oda know. THANKS ALL!!!!

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11/15/04 06:04 - ID#21031

end of last entry

I must have hit a wrong button or something. Anyway, I am coming home probably at the end of this week to see my friends and family for the thanksgiving holiday. Since Im not really sure how to get ahold of most of my friends if anyone wants to drop me a line leaving a number that would be really cool. I do have things to write about in my journal but i think I am going to wait for another time. I LOVE YOU BUFFALO!!!!!!!!
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11/15/04 05:45 - ID#21030


Hi all in my hometown....Especially to my friends because I really miss you all so much. I havent been able to access this site from my computer in a while(at least to log in and write an entry) but it appears all is well and working now.

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11/15/04 05:45 - ID#21029


Hi all in my hometown....Especially to my friends because I really miss you all so much. I havent been able to access this site from my computer in a while(at least to log in and write an entry) but it appears all is well and working now.

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07/16/04 07:03 - ID#21028

Spirit Revival..Rainbow Gathering pt 1

Hey all! I am very happy to turn this zygote of a journal into it's next phase of life! But, before I begin, a couple things to mention.
1) To those who may know me and my situation, in the process of moving while I was away my bf had to leave my 32" TV behind at a respectable friends house on the west side.It was $500, including 4 year warranty that has about 2 and a half left. I'm looking to get 2-250$$. I AM VERY BROKE at this moment in San diego, so anyone who may be interested PLEASE e-mail me to discuss details.
Notes to special people:
EMILY- I love you soooo much! You were so right, this trip was amazingly POSITIVE and all forces were working in our favor. I felt you there in spirit, especially with KT (who went nuts cuz i kept forgetting her name is THUMBELLINA..LOL) and baby Orizon. Maybe next year we could share the experience together.
MIKE H- Thank you so much for gathering the energy to overcome the experience directly before this trip, and encouraging me to take this journey despite the doubts either of us may have had. I hope that you had as great a time as i did, and i hope your journey to vancouver and wherever else you may have found yourself was equally satisfying.
I really hope you take the time to record your expereinces as well, especially because I'm excited to see how we both came out. Talk to you soon hun!!!
Ok, now for the first part of my trip. Mike and I got on the greyhound in buffalo. After a pretty relaxing and meditative 2 and half day bus ride, we arrived in Reno, Nevada. By the time we got off the bus, there were 9 of us headed to the Rainbow Family Gathering in Madeline, CA. ( Me and Mike, Melissa, Lavina and Clyde, Travis and SY, Mandy, and another Mike) We take the city bus to where the driver says there is supposed to be a motel, but it turns out the motel is like 2 miles down a highway. Madeline was over 200 miles away. Knowing that we can't all hitch together we break up into groups of 4 (minus the older mike, he found a place to crash out for the night and would hitch out the next day)
Travis, SY, Mandy and I decided we would try to hitch to this motel, but then thought splitting a cab would be better. Well, there was no motel even there, but the cabby was cool and took us into susanville, where it would be easier to hitch a ride to the gathering. He knew we were out of towners, and had fun telling us wild stories about "cuyots" and to beware of bathrooms for black widows, because "they kill more people than cancer"
he drops us off at this rest stop where we find shelter under a pavillion. "Out of sight, out of mind," they say. We had a teddy bear picnic with chips and trail mix and Travis's hummice and crackers. All set up and ready to sleep in our sleeping bags....until Travis freaks in the dark. We're like, whats going on? He shines his flashlight under the little picnic bench to reveal a big black spider crawling around on a web. "has anyone ever seen a real black widow?" The cabbys lighthearted scare came back into play and we all got the heebie jeebies. since we don't know for sure we wont take any chances. The girls douse themselves with bug spray while the guys joke about being eaten alive. Eventually we settle down and go to sleep.
The next morning we awoke early. it was cute to find that 2 other "kids" (All rainbow family are considered kids) had sought shelter in our pavillion as well. Mandy and I find a couple, Jen and Brian, who are willing to pack us two and all our gear in their tiny car and drive us with them to the Gathering. Travis and SY leave before us to go to the road and hitch out.
Its important to my story to explain a little about Mandy and her situation, especially since it turned out to be our trip in a weird way. It wasn't her intention to attend the Rainbow gathering, she knew absolutely nothing about the family or really even any of the under
ing concepts that gatherings are built on. She got on the bus in Ohio and she was on her way to San Francisco, basicaly because she had never been there and wanted to see the city. after talking to her at various rest and layover stops, we had learned that she had no place to stay in San Fran (with her whole life in her suitcases) and she had just quit the carnival after being on the road for quite some time. it was evident that she was mature beyond her 17 years, but still we were concerned about her safety and what she might experience being alone in a city like San Fran. So, we took her innocent ignorance of the Rainbows and used our different extents of knowledge to recruit her!!! At this point we were sure that she was about to experience some things that she has never been shown, including TRUST and LOVE exchanged amongst thousands of complete strangers. I myself had never experienced anything like this, but she had no clue. So she got off the bus with us in Reno ,where we began this journey together.
So we rode with Jen and Brian, all cramped up until they took us to the post office, where mandy was able to rid herself hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and beauty supplies. Stripped down to her necessities, we got back in the car A LOT more cumfy and rode the rest of the way to the gathering.
This is where I'm going to end pt1 because i'm not even sure if this whole entry is going to publish. Stay tuned for pt 2!!!!!!

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06/22/04 05:23 - ID#21027

bout to miss everything

im leaving buffalo.....its my time to explore, at least our country...
to paul matt and terry, i think i mightve got tooo fucked up at your house, im sorry, really.
to chris....youre what, 8 yearrrs older than me, and you call ME a wont miss me TK.....thanks for your hugs gonna miss you for real.

maybe i'll come back....but im gonna smile at the sun in cali for all y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wont forget my home city! thank you all

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05/01/04 10:45 - ID#21026

read this....di what YOU would w/ it

another one bites the dust
"nothing is fair sarah"
nothing is just
you must have bought into the bullshit
you were sold,
the good die young while the evil,
they grow old....
but me and my, what,
my intuition
we know that this here lie
should receive no recognition.

today, the very first of may,
michele would have been 22.
i had heard this lie when we were 12,
i couldn't understand...
i HAD to believe it was true.

but then more souls that were as old as i,
they too started fading away....
helpless, i realized all i could do was say goodbye,
and watch another piece of myself decay.

its like some sick curse,
like your period,
you have it forever but it only gets worse and worse.....
said goodbye to someone i thought could
help everything.
In October, the man who raised me since I was hardly anything....
and this morning his mother....who i thought never felt a thing
until the day he died.......
truth be told, people grow more bitter
as they grow old......
the sadness of the the world has had its time to unfold......
i wonder, if i live to be 25 or 83,
will it make a difference in how God sees me?????

Michele Kaczorowski: 5/1/82-12/6/94
Gary Lawrence:12/24/49-10/20/2004
Dorothy Lawrence ?????-5/1/2004

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04/24/04 10:01 - ID#21025

Intro to me :)

what's up everyone?!? I figred my frst entry (to get the ugly message off my board) would just be an introduction.Hi my nam is bridgette, 21, bi/f,And I'm a lush! There's a pic in here somwhere of me, thanks to my new found friends, but I am an idiot and i can't find them... I've been livng here on elmwood for about 4 years, and i love it. I remember being in high school and visiting emily when she lived on elmwood. We would get drunk and go walking on the steet and we met cool people. one guy was playing his guitar by a tree so we hung out with him and he sang us songs. I was always fascinated by the college kids and other people that make their way up here. Well, now i live here and I am still fasciated by the people i come into contact with around here. My favorite part of living on the strip is the summertme, I LOVE walking down the street and seeing everyone out and about or just chillen on their porches. This is definately my fav part of Buffalo.
I have no really cool stuff to talk about, but i do want to say to my new friends (you know wo you are) that I am really glad to meet you all. You have no idea how refreshing it is to meet new people who are cool and fun. It has been a stressful time for me as well as many others as the winter is dying down, but is important to remember that love and laughter are key to heaing and new beginings. Thank you. To my older friends, (especially emily) thank you ALWAYS! You're love and friendship continue to refresh my spirit. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
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Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...