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Category: potpourri

12/13/05 04:38 - 2ºF - ID#25287

soccer wtih bombs

Yah, so I am still up. I just finished another paper. I find it ironic that tonight I am tired. It is the first night in about 45 that I am actually tired before 4 am and I have to fight through it to crank out a paper. Insomnia, how I loathe your mockery. Truly I am just frustrated that it took me this long to complete. It should not have, I simply cannot concentrate. I think I need to be tested.

While I was sitting here working on my assignment I had the TV on, you know, background noise. So in the corner of my eye I catch a soccer match. I got excited; oh how I love footy. Suddenly Mario comes running onto the pitch and knocks a guy over. He steals the ball and dribbles down the pitch, kicking and punching guys along the way. It was very entertaining. The point of that was to say there is a new game called Super Mario Strikers out for Gamecube. Looks like so much fun! Soccer with bombs!

Out of curiosity, has anyone seen this commercial where there is a hooker straddling a man she calls 'Senator'? They are on some skanky hotel bed and she starts beating his chest and yelling at him not to die because a new phone is coming out soon. I am not sure I am following that marketing campaign. Ciao.

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Category: memories

12/12/05 08:11 - 13ºF - ID#25286

violin virtuoso

Wow! Talk about a throwback in time. I turned on my TV to see if I could catch some of the soccer championships as I finish another final and work on a paper. What do my wandering eyes find but the Lewiston-Porter 6th grade orchestra playing some very boring holiday song.

There was a guy in my class whose dad used to join us and play the bass with him. I always thought he was cool because he carried around one of those battery pack mobile phones. He was playing tonight. How weird. (e:Theecarey), do you remember 'Pinker'?

Anyhow, I cannot believe the same director is there. I never liked her. I thought her teaching method was uncreative and stifling, not to mention totally demeaning. She always yelled at people about how bad there were or how poor their posture was instead of sharing with them the ways they can improve.

She also used to make us stand to play. I always hated that. Well, obviously not the cello players, but the violins and violas had to stand. In watching this song, I see nothing has changed. Not to mention she still plays along instead of conducting like a conductor should. Who does she think she is, Andre Rieu?

That guy can get away with it because he does not do it for every song and he is a fun and amazing musician. He smiles when he plays, he lets the beauty of his sound move him. She always looked like she had a corncob up her butt. Anyhow, it was a quick trip down memory lane; I just wanted to share it. Ciao.
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Category: school

12/12/05 01:10 - 16ºF - ID#25285

attention deficit - not procrastination

Countdown to finals submission: T minus 3 hours 54 minutes

Pages due: 21

Pages remaining: 8

I cannot concentrate!

Countdown continues: T minus 2 hours 24 minutes

Pages remaining: 4.5

I would cry but I do not have time to.

Countdown dwindles: T minus 54 minutes

Pages remaining: 1.5

Panick attack!

Countdown closing: T minus 5 seconds...4...3...2...1....

Pages remaining: 0

Holy Shit I'm gonna be late for my final!
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Category: dreams

12/11/05 12:33 - 29ºF - ID#25284

mac n cheese n frisbees

I dreamed I was being chased, as usual, and I had to protect this small group of people, as usual. This is where my sense of part-time superheroinism comes from. Anyhow... you'll love my recipe for salvation. I swiftly escort them all into this big green bathroom that looks like the scene from a condemned sanitarium; complete with grandmother tub and electric shock equipment. Guess what the secret escape route is. Fill the tub with macaroni and cheese. Then we'll jump down the drain pipe. Yah. Maybe it's because I ate macaroni and cheese last night out of a Frisbee. Hey, I'm too busy working on finals to wash my clothes or dishes so I get creative. Why do I even have a Frisbee?


Then, to keep the theme of not sleeping while I sleep, I dreamt of finals again. It was horrifying. I was studying and my classmates were asking me what I thought about the theory of so and so. I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. It was as if I had taken the course and studied for some other course entirely. But it wasn't even real. The theories they were speaking of were entirely fictitious. Or maybe I've just seen the future and there will be the theory of so and so in Student Affairs one day. Blah. I just wish I could sleep peacefully for one night. Ciao.

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Category: potpourri

12/04/06 01:22 - 28ºF - ID#25283


I just wanted to say thanks (e:jenks) for really helping me out with the sweet potatoe casserole last night. My kiddos LOVED it. They were really excited to have the chance to try it, since we lost the other one in the fire and all. I just wanted to give a little shout-out, I really appreciate your help! Ciao.
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Category: music

12/02/06 07:23- ID#25282


awake again, stars are bright

watch tv to see people more messed up than me

smile :)

it's gonna be alright, no matter what they say

it's gonna be alright cuz I'm alright with me.

(jewel, new sound)

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Category: music

12/01/06 02:48- ID#25281

echelon mission: accomplished

Stormed Toronto Wednesday night to see, you guessed it, 30STM, again. I love those guys so much, it's always a rockin good time at their shows. I think this makes show 7 this year? Didn't do any stalking this round because we had to truck back home after the show. Not to mention Kool Haus is right on the harbor so the whole place smelled like bad fish. Gross. New user sound clip from a live acoustic set. Ciao.




my favorite, Tomo
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Category: fire

11/28/06 06:56- ID#25280

save the pies

Sunday I had to work. We were having the annual Thanksgiving dinner for our international students. I was in charge of the pies, pumpkin and pecan, as well as the sweet potato casserole. The object was to let our students participate in the making of the dinner and then partake in the traditional meal. Sounds like fun eh?

Things were coming along nicely. I was instructing several different students on how to make the pie crusts, the fillings and constantly reassuring others that while sweet potatoes may LOOK like boiled carrots, and they are in fact not.

Apparently cleaning staff are responsible for the kitchen in Campion Hall. Clearly they haven't cleaned the ovens since WWI. Just as I put the pecan pies in the oven, flames erupted.

Grease fire. Hello. People were screaming. I was yelling, "SAVE THE PIES!" followed by "GET ME A FIRE EXTINGUISHER"! Like my priorities? Needless to say pecan pie goo was sloshed all over in an attempt to save them. Then I have to put the fire out amidst the screams and running.

Alarms went off, we had to evacuate. Firemen came, the whole nine-yards. I was a little nerved by the police officer taking my statement. They actually made it seem like I was at fault for USING the fire extinguisher. I guess they'd rather the joint burnt down?

Anyhow, that was my entertaining Thanksgiving dinner story, one all of our students will remember forever.

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Category: thanksgiving

11/22/06 02:57- ID#25279

have a good one

Today's fortune cookie reads:
Your wisdom will influence others.

Today's horoscope for Virgo reads:
Ideas that come to you now show a bit of genius. Any changes you make right now are sure to be a success so go for it. You are very good right now at arguing your case or having a debate. You win hands down!

Happy tofurkey day to my fellow veggies. Happy turkey day to the carniverous folk.


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Category: the future

11/15/06 10:15 - 44ºF - ID#25278

i am where i should be

My bosses dig me. I work hard because I love what I do and in return they offer me their wisdom and more responsibility. Yesterday I was asked to entertain two different visiting guests. One from our London Metropolitan school and one from the Bejing center. It was so refreshing to talk to young people in the field I want to work in. I really made some connections with them, not to mention networking. My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.
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