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Category: religious ed

10/17/05 10:01 - ID#36272

Just got back from Conformation Class

lol, it was so funny. I was supposed to be in a group far away from Heather. And Heather is my twin sis. And we're never apart at that stupid I went up to the lady in charge and practically got down on my hands and knees and begged her to let me sit in Heather's group. And it took me ages.... But she agreed finally, mwahaha.
I hate going to these stupid classes, but I must say, this one was pretty fun. This really cute little guy named Denis was in my group sitting next to me. hair's kinda tangly cuz I'm growing dreads...and my pen somehow got stuck in it. Heather started dying of laughter cuz I couldn't get it out. And then Denis started laughing with her. Let me tell ya, it was a riot.....
But...I'm totally not looking forward to school tomorrow. I've gotta get to bed, Mommy is yelling at me to hurry on up to bed. How old does she think I am anyways, lol..

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