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10/14/05 05:42 - ID#36268


This is going to be a fun place to write, lol.
So anyways....PSATs are tomorrow. And I'm dreading getting up early on a Saturday!! Oh no.. I'll probably end up falling asleep during them. I'm really not in the mood for a long ars test. Not really my idea of a good time.
But on a lighter note, Graham from Keppler's Music Center in West Seneca is coming over in about an hour. Daddy is putting out an album, and Graham is doing the lead guitar. He and Daddy are going to work on some lead parts tonight. And Gray is bringing his guitar pedals!! Yes! With all their awesome cool guitar effects! He's letting me and Heather borrow it all weekend, so we can play with it. We need to get some pedals for our band. Cuz guitars sound nice just plain. But we want some different sounds for some of our songs.
lol, very funny story....Heather forgot the house key today. And I would have had mine, but Heather actually has mine now, since she lost her own. So, we waited for a half hour for Shanny to get home. And then we asked her to get out her key. And she didn't have it on her. Which sucked. Cuz it was only 3, and Daddy doesn't get home til around 5-ish. So, we tried to break into the house, lol. And then we tried to push the big window AC out of the window. But it was awefully heavy. So, me and Shanny walked to Rico's house. And we used her cell to call Mommy. And Mommy just laughed when we asked her to call Bushi and have her come to unlock the door....but she said no. So I went back home. And Heather had her hand through a half of the window with the AC, lol. She had managed to unlock the screen of the window next to the AC. So we finally got it open, and we climbed through. It was quite an experience. I felt like Shorty, Indiana Jones' little sidekick in the Temple of Doom, tehehe! I love that kid...
Ehhh, I've gotta get going. Me and Heather have to work on some new songs. We've got some great anti-war and environmental songs :)
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