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Category: religious ed

10/17/05 10:01 - ID#36272

Just got back from Conformation Class

lol, it was so funny. I was supposed to be in a group far away from Heather. And Heather is my twin sis. And we're never apart at that stupid I went up to the lady in charge and practically got down on my hands and knees and begged her to let me sit in Heather's group. And it took me ages.... But she agreed finally, mwahaha.
I hate going to these stupid classes, but I must say, this one was pretty fun. This really cute little guy named Denis was in my group sitting next to me. hair's kinda tangly cuz I'm growing dreads...and my pen somehow got stuck in it. Heather started dying of laughter cuz I couldn't get it out. And then Denis started laughing with her. Let me tell ya, it was a riot.....
But...I'm totally not looking forward to school tomorrow. I've gotta get to bed, Mommy is yelling at me to hurry on up to bed. How old does she think I am anyways, lol..

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Category: bad day

10/17/05 04:19 - ID#36271

What the?! This just sucks.

I just deleted my whole freaking entry. I had the whole thing written, and I was just about to publish it. And then I turned around to look at my sisters and I look back and the whole freaking thing is deleted. Why?! It was so long too!!!! I'm not retyping it. I'll just sit here and rant and be mad at my stupid computer. Musta been a ghosty. Maybe he/she didn't like what I was writing about. But whatever....I'll have to play around with my Ouija Board later, mwahaha.

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Category: katy rose

10/15/05 07:45 - ID#36270

Teachin Myself to Dream

I throw myself into the rain as we run down these old train tracks again
The moon is naked in the sky, so maybe you and I could fly
Or pretend
As the stars fall from grace, and light your glowing face

I'm teachin myself to dream
I'm holding my breath to scream
I'm teachin myself to
Believe in the things I don't understand
I don't even know if they're true
That's what's dreamers do

I can't say what day it is or year
But thou shalt have no fear, for I know your name
You can't believe what I did and maybe I'm just a kid
But then we're both the same
I watch the hours through the glass
And know that time will finally pass

I'm teachin myself to dream
I'm learning what love can be
I'm teachin myself to
Believe in the things I don't understand
I don't even know if they're true
That's what dreamers do

Stapled eyes can't open until waking
And all your lies will be your undertaking

I'll let my mind dance and flow
We'll make magic and I'll know
As the lilacs slowly grow
All my dreams are true

Teachin myself to dream
I'm holding my breath to scream
I'm teachin myself to
Believe in the things I don't understand
I don't even know if they're true
That's what dreamers do...

Teachin' Myself to Dream
By: Katy Rose

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Category: psats

10/15/05 01:11 - ID#36269


Oh boy. Those were fun. lol.... I got up at 7, and then I got dressed and stuff.. And then I went and took those stupid PSATs. Pointless! I did amazing on the reading/writing stuff. That has always come easily to me. But the math stuff? Oh my gosh...I left like, 5 problems blank, and I wrote random answers for some of them.. it was insane.
I am not looking forward to the actual SATs. hmmm..

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10/14/05 05:42 - ID#36268


This is going to be a fun place to write, lol.
So anyways....PSATs are tomorrow. And I'm dreading getting up early on a Saturday!! Oh no.. I'll probably end up falling asleep during them. I'm really not in the mood for a long ars test. Not really my idea of a good time.
But on a lighter note, Graham from Keppler's Music Center in West Seneca is coming over in about an hour. Daddy is putting out an album, and Graham is doing the lead guitar. He and Daddy are going to work on some lead parts tonight. And Gray is bringing his guitar pedals!! Yes! With all their awesome cool guitar effects! He's letting me and Heather borrow it all weekend, so we can play with it. We need to get some pedals for our band. Cuz guitars sound nice just plain. But we want some different sounds for some of our songs.
lol, very funny story....Heather forgot the house key today. And I would have had mine, but Heather actually has mine now, since she lost her own. So, we waited for a half hour for Shanny to get home. And then we asked her to get out her key. And she didn't have it on her. Which sucked. Cuz it was only 3, and Daddy doesn't get home til around 5-ish. So, we tried to break into the house, lol. And then we tried to push the big window AC out of the window. But it was awefully heavy. So, me and Shanny walked to Rico's house. And we used her cell to call Mommy. And Mommy just laughed when we asked her to call Bushi and have her come to unlock the door....but she said no. So I went back home. And Heather had her hand through a half of the window with the AC, lol. She had managed to unlock the screen of the window next to the AC. So we finally got it open, and we climbed through. It was quite an experience. I felt like Shorty, Indiana Jones' little sidekick in the Temple of Doom, tehehe! I love that kid...
Ehhh, I've gotta get going. Me and Heather have to work on some new songs. We've got some great anti-war and environmental songs :)
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