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06/20/06 11:20 - ID#33902 I forgot the et al.... here's the et alii that should have been in the other journal entry.

As we all know...I'm moving...and I have things that I NEED to get rid of. What I have left to move are the following:

1) Couch/Sofa/Chesterfield (for my Canadian friends)/whatever you want to call it. I have a 3 or 4 year old Raymour & Flannigan sofa. Hard to describe...I'll post pictures up in a couple of days (I've been For the time being, I'll do my best here. It's HUGE (I can lay down flat and I'm 6'5") and HEAVY (fair warning to the It's kind of "overstuffed" pretty good shape. The original owner paid in the $600 range for it...I paid $250 last's up for $125 from me to the first taker! lol

2) Bed. About a year and a half old. Full-size pillowtop mattress and boxspring. I'm really conflicted as to what to ask for for a used'd probably make a great guest bed. I don't think that my conscience would allow me to ask for more than about $ you have it.

3) Little table. Kind of antique-y looking...has a small shelf under it...needs to be's currently being used as my TV/PS2 stand. $10.

4) Microwave. Smallish..white...$20.

That's all I've really got left (I have gotten rid of quite a bit..yay! lol) besides small things (dishes, etc) and things I'm moving. If anybody wants anything or has any interest at all, drop me a message here or send me an email @ . Just some notes...everything has to go by Friday, June 30th (I leave on July 1st). Everything is also pick-up only (I could be persuaded to help a bit...but I have my hauling things for "delivery" isn't going to Let me know if you (or a friend or relative or pet or anyone at this point) is interested.

Thanks all.
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