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Category: computers

04/15/09 08:47 - ID#48390

I really WANT one of these....

See if I can convince (e:ladycroft). I'm seeing one connected to the TV with a wireless dongle streaming video and music directly from a NAS connected to my wireless router, downloading obscene amounts of pirated DVDs from the interwebs.

Mmmm........ nice.

In reality however, we haven't had working internet at home for about a fortnight, and I have no idea why.

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Category: computers

01/15/09 12:10 - ID#47411

Windows 7

So I went ahead and installed the Windows 7 Beta to my laptop last night.


I have 2 hard drives - one with my standard XP install, the other had Ubuntu on it (never worked with it properly - just wanted to install it for a look-see). 'OK', I thought, 'lets overwrite the Ubuntu with Win 7'.

Installation went fine (very quick, even on my 3 yr old laptop), but now I've lost the ability to boot to XP. Windows 7 can't even see my XP drive. Luckily all my data is stored on an external drive, so it isn't lost, but that now means I have to re-install all my apps on Win7 while I try and get XP up and running.

It's going to be a fun weekend!

So it's all working now. Jason - your advice worked like a charm - I can now access my XP drive from 7 and run whatever programs I need to. I also fixed the bootloader problem, so I can switch back to XP whenever I want.
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