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I ended up going to Albuquerque NM last week for work.

Overall it was really enjoyable. We had a 14 hour flight direct DOH-JFK. Overnight in Manhattan, which allowed me to catch up with my Uncle (who moved to the states about 15 years ago) and his wife.

Interesting parallel - my Uncle works in the airline industry and has an American wife; I work in the airline industry and have an American girlfriend. Curious, huh?

Then LGA-ABQ, with a 10 minute transfer window in Chicago. Luckily the two gates were next to each other or we'd have been stuck. As it were we the last three on.

Albuquerque was dusty as expected. It also snowed, which I wasn't expecting.

Went to a Casino on the last afternoon. Lost 160 dollars in about 20 mins, which was a bummer to say the least. All on slots too - they didn't even attempt to make it interesting, they just took my money while (metaphorically) laughing at me.

One of the guys I was traveling with knew the manager of the casino. He suggested we go to the cable car nearby (longest suspended one in the world or something). It was about 10 mins by car, so he called us some transport......

..... which turned out to be a huge stretch limo! Seriously - the only car he had available. It drove us to the foot of the cable car and waited for us to get back.

I also had 6 ours to kill in Washington on the way back so I went to the Air and Space museum on the edge of the airport (owned by the Smithsonian now I think). Really worth going too, especially the space exploration section (if that's your thang).

11 hour flight home. Slept for 8 of them. WIN.

Anyway, just realised this was a really dull post, so check this out:

Made me chuckle.
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