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10/07/04 10:44 - ID#26788

little brother

Method Man 8220: Mom wants to know if you want her to call her at Ryan's when you get there
Maiden Cat Eyes: what
Maiden Cat Eyes: can you say that in english please?
Method Man 8220: Her to call you*
Maiden Cat Eyes: lol, no, i'll call the hell is she going to know when i get there?

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10/07/04 09:52 - ID#26787

warm feet

Halloween socks today:


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10/06/04 02:20 - ID#26786

animal parade

restaurant review: Coffee Table at My Apartment ;)
Today's Special: French Bread pizza, Dr. W, and animal crackers.
bear, rabbit, camel
cow, elephant, horse?


does anyone know what this is???


oops! I forgot the rhino!


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10/06/04 11:24 - ID#26785

the warmth of my soul is elsewhere

I love Halloween! I can't wait to dress up for RJ's neice's 6th birthday party on the 30th. I dunno what we will be though. We want to dress up as a couple, but we're not creative and we can't make things, lol. I'll end up being a cat like always. I'm sure.

I'm sort of sad because we don't have a porch any more and I don't know if I can have a jack-o-lantern inside??? I think I will end up making one just a few days before Halloween and putting it in our big picture window on the second floor.

Even more than Halloween, I am excited because on Friday RJ and I are going to visit our parental units. Id on't care how cold it is, we're going to lay in the hammock in the woods and go for a walk through the forest that is his back yard. I get really homesick thinking about things like that which we don't have here. Maybe after graduation we should just go home and forget about moving south. I'm beginning to think that's where we belong. I know that neither of us was meant to live in a city.


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10/05/04 03:03 - ID#26784

i hate the internet

Well, my new computer managed to make it a month before I corrupted it with spyware. All I wanted to do was get a new buddy icon for AIM. What happened? Spyware up the ass and out the ears. I can't even get rid of it. I have pop-ups coming from nowhere. I need RJ to come fix it. :( Why does this always happen to me? The internet is evil.
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10/04/04 11:51 - ID#26783

i'm learnin' football

this is what I learned today (from memory):
Payton Manning is the QB for the Colts,
and Edgerinn James is the Running Back.
Jake Plummer is the QB for the Broncos.
Tom Brady is the QB for the Patriots.

I also learned all the offensive positions and where they go:

Tackle - Guard - Center - Guard - Tackle - Tight End



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10/04/04 01:43 - ID#26782

i'm cold

Maiden Cat Eyes: brrr
estripbot: If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
Maiden Cat Eyes: a sex robot
estripbot: I'm not your type then.
Maiden Cat Eyes: oh well
estripbot: That's about it.

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10/04/04 10:50 - ID#26781

what ever happened to the night

I remember when we could sleep on stars
Now the only star we see is the lightbulb above our bed

Why did we want to run so far?

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10/02/04 02:24 - ID#26780

oh dreary day

this day is making me feel blah and lonely
i have been working on a unit plan forever
i have to go to work and sell people clothes, *yuck*
right now i feel like my user pic

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09/30/04 11:35 - ID#26779

debate club

"That is a pre September 10th mentality." - Bush
September 10th?

"Of course we're after S-S-Saddam Hussein....Bin Laden." - Bush

"The Patriot Act is vital." - Bush

Bush keeps looking at his notes...makes me question if these are his genuine thoughts and beliefs or not.

Jim Lehrer: "Are our troops dying in Iraq for a mistake?"
Kerry: "No...and they don't have to."
Could've fooled me...I thought our troops were dying over there...
Maybe he meant that they weren't dying for a mistake? (I'm confused)
"I see the casualty reports every day." - Bush
"Today we are 90% of the casualties." - Kerry

"Lemme finish." - Bush
OK, because the two-minute rule doesn't apply to you.

"I will hunt and kill the terrorists wherever they are." - Kerry

What in hell is "nu-cu-lar"?!
But on the other hand, Kerry said Colin Powell's name wrong twice.

OK, now I have a stupid question. This is the Presidential Debate. Aren't there more than 2 people running? Why do only those two get to be in the debate? I'm sure it's an issue of money.


this is a photo that my teacher showed us in anthropology today
i think it looks like geroge w. a little bit

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mike said to mike
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How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...